Kanye West separated from parents at Saint’s soccer game with Kim K Watch

Kanye West doesn’t just start fighting through social media. Kanye West was caught arguing with his parents during a football match for his son Saint in Los Angeles last weekend, and the whole thing was caught on camera. Video obtained by TMZ shows the suspicious rapper, 45, having a heated conversation with an unknown person next to the 6-year-old, who is facing public backlash and expert backlash over his surge of anti-Semitic remarks. this was caught game.

Like Kanye West’s ex Kim Kardashian, she sat on a lawn chair next to a security guard with daughters North, 9, Chicago, 4, and son Speci, 3, next to her, but did not noticeably respond while the infamous designer stood around. . Thirty feet away, she is waving her arms as if dissatisfied. Another woman with all the hallmarks of her family friend at the time moved to Kanye West at that point, making the ‘Heartless’ musicians seething. Witnesses told TMZ that Kanye West took several minutes to calm down and eventually returned to watch Saint’s rest of the match without any more drama. The outlet notes that Kim Kardashian, 42, and Kanye West did not interact during their son’s match.

In a new video, Kanye West can be seen leaving son Saint’s football game after arguing with his parents

Kanye West recently stumbled during a heated argument with her parents at one of her son’s football matches. On Monday, October 31st, TMZ shared a video of Ye attending their son Saint’s soccer match. In the nearly one-minute clip, Ye can be seen having an anime discussion with a woman while Kim watches from the side. The argument lasts only a few seconds before Ye walks in in his signature high calf boots. According to the celebrity news site, after stepping on his feet, Kanye returned minutes later to watch the rest of the game. Kanye West provoked a backlash when she showed off a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt at the Yeezy Season 9 Style Show in Paris, and has had a tough month with persistent anti-Semitic comments and lies about his death. George Floyd.

A few weeks ago, Kanye amplified a series of anti-Semitic threats in an interview with Piers Morgan. A British broadcaster (57) asked if he regretted writing a specific tweet promising to appear on ‘Descon 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE’. He told Pierce Morgan he was ‘absolutely’ sorry for the message. Piers Morgan responded by beating Kanye West for his insensitivity. The 57-year-old talk show host equates anti-Semitism with racism, instigating Kanye West’s brazen response. yes, so i said Following Kanye West’s anti-Semitism, he lost progress in business partnerships including GAP, Balenciaga and Adidas.

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