Kanye West White Lives Matter Yeezy T-shirt Controversy: Twitter Fan Reactions

Famous American rapper Kanye West added another controversy to his name when he wore a White Lives Matter shirt during Paris Design Week with Candace Owens on Monday, October 3rd. The controversial choice of courtesy has led to a polarized reaction among netizens, with many spoiling him primarily as a result of his race. The matter doesn’t seem to end at any point, as 45-year-old rapper Kanye West responded with one more controversial comment about the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, which he considered fraudulent.

Ye posted an article on her Instagram that dealt with social and political movements, ‘It was a fraud that black lives are precious’. Now it’s over. you’re welcome’. Kanye West wore a White Lives Matter Yeezy Shirt, directing claims to end the Black Lives Matter movement. Anyway, the big bright rapper deleted the story just hours after the fact. Yee deleted the post after posting a story criticizing the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement as a fraud. Nevertheless, his story has once again sparked a debate that divides individuals through social media. Many have called Kanye West a hypocrite, while others have agreed with the rapper by examining individuals into allegations of abuse of donations by BLM.

Kanye West Aka Ye responds to anger that white life matters Yeezy T-shirt

Ye is at the center of controversy after a recent revelation at the YEEZY season 9 fashion show held during Paris Fashion Week. His collections have attracted huge groups and attention both face-to-face and on the web, but it was the clothes he wore that sparked the greatest interest and shock from the crowd. A photo of the designer wearing a ‘White Lives Matter shirt circulated around the web, sending many to social media to criticize the message. Many models are believed to have been wearing slogan-emphasized shirts on the runway, including conservative commentator Candace Owens, who shared a photo of herself wearing the shirt on her Twitter.

Yee posted on Instagram, ‘Everyone realizes that black lives are precious was a scam’ dealing with social and political movements. Now it’s over. you’re welcome. Kanye West (Ye) wears a White Lives Matter Yeezy Shirt, directing claims to end the Black Live Matters movement. Anyway, the ornate rapper deleted the story hours after the fact.

Social media reaction to rapper wearing White Lives Matter shirt

One Instagram user offered his point of view on how the current situation promotes ‘white supremacy’ and that nothing stands out around two black celebrities wearing ‘White Lives Matter’ shirts. Numerous others and major celebrities like Jaden have further communicated their concerns via social media, with Ye as a leader in the music and fashion industry perpetuating hatred and urging the rapper to push for a more progressive future.

Social media users around the world and across industries are pouring out hate messages that promote racism, calling for courtesy. Kanye West’s choice to wear a White Lives Matter shirt is disgusting, dangerous and unreliable. Some of you will compete to protect him. You may be wondering why users tweeted. Another user @kanyewest commented on everything you’ve experienced with this damn race‼️U don’t mind how black people persevered and died at the hands of white men.

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