Kanye West’s Donda Academy basketball players are in limbo

Kanye West closed Donda Academy for one more year, failing to determine the future of student athletes in the program.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Kanye West’s Donda Academy basketball player has limited playing time.

Earlier this week, news broke that Kanye West was closing the Donda Academy for anti-Semitic behavior and remarks.

However, this decision could result in the loss of careers for students as the school would be wasting talent developing for a season due to the temporary closure of the school.

Moreover, sources who had direct contact with the academy’s men’s basketball team reported that this year’s season has been put on ice for the players as there are few games scheduled for the students.

In addition, sources claim that the basketball team’s practice is limited. They have also been eliminated from several tournaments following anti-Semitic remarks by the 45-year-old rapper.

School officials also issued a statement that students can organize their own practice if they wish. However, Donda authorities will not help some coaches, although they are trying their best to help them.

Next, there was a news report that students of Tonda Academy are having difficulty transferring to another school’s basketball club. This is because the season of the Donda Rapper School has not been officially canceled yet.

This situation is especially bad for players with genuine talent and potential to play in college.

NBA star Jaylen Brown has opened up about leaving Donda Sports.

Jaylen Brown officially left Donda Sports. But he still has concerns about his students. He has expressed concern for students and families who will be affected by the recent sudden closure of the school.

He said, “What if I stay?”

Also, ‘I am working hard to become the voice of asexual people with the platform I have. So I think I made the right decision because I would potentially have to sacrifice that platform.’

‘These kids have nothing to do with what’s actually happening,’ Brown goes on to say.

Kanye West

“They don’t deserve to be cut or cut short because of the sudden end of the season, or the actions of others. The only sin they have committed is trying to get a unique opportunity to get ahead in life.”

“We worked hard to gather resources to prevent that from happening,” he said.

“For me, school is a school with children, parents and teachers,” Brown said. Anyone with a name and a face I need to work with. So I see the situation differently. And I plan to use my platform and let those kids get what they promised. Education is key,” he said.



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