Kanye West’s friends are convinced he’s in the middle of a psychiatric episode.

Friends of Kanye West are expressing concerns about his health. They claim that his recent headline-capturing behavior is due to a mental break.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Is Kanye West in the midst of a psychiatric breakdown?

Kanye West is currently making news about people attacking left and right. He appears to be targeting online users who disagree with him and his white supremacist attire.

Most recently, a 45-year-old rapper has been posting anti-Semitic tweets about Jews on the Internet. Therefore, both his Twitter and Instagram accounts were temporarily restricted for violating the rules and regulations.

However, his friend gave some clarification to his controversial behavior. They revealed that West, now named Ye, could be in the middle of a psychiatric episode.


According to an article in Page Six, West has hardly slept since he was recently embroiled in all the headline news and comments.

The source also said the Watch Throne star fired a publicist at a Paris fashion show last week.

They noted that West canceled all plans for the event and hastily combined new plans with a ‘White Lives Matter’ theme.

West broke the team’s advice when he sat down for a controversial interview with Tucker Carlson.

Jamie Lee Curtis Criticizes Kanye West’s Anti-Semitic Remarks

Jamie Lee Curtis recently joined the list of Hollywood celebrities who criticized Kanye West for his behavior.

‘The holiest day in Judaism was last week,’ said the 63-year-old actress. Words matter. The threat to the Jews once ended in genocide. Your words hurt and incite violence. You are the father. Please stop.’

What’s more, her reaction came after West shared a series of anti-Semitic tweets on a microblogging platform.

He tweeted: ‘I’m a little sleepy tonight, but when I wake up I’ll die 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE The funny thing is that I can’t actually be anti-Semitic because black people are actually Jews too. Anyone who plays with me and opposes your plans was trying to turn me into a black ball.’

Twitter then deleted the Donda hitmaker’s tweet over the weekend, accusing him of breaking the site’s rules.

Comedian Sarah Silverman is one of those celebrities who spoke about West’s remarks.

She said: ‘Kani threatened Jews on Twitter yesterday and it’s not trending. Why Are Most Jews Against Jewish Hate? The silence is too loud.’



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