Kanye West’s haters launch ‘Make me richer instead’ GoFundMe.

Those who hate Kanye West launch a GoFundMe page to respond to the rapper’s fandom trying to help him regain his billionaire status.

The absurdity is now estimated at around $400 million after the Donda hitmaker’s net worth plummeted this week.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Kanye West Fans, Haters and Rappers Launch GoFundMe

Fans of Kanye West decided to make him a billionaire again after major companies like Adidas, Balenciaga and Gap cut ties with him.

Dozens of GoFundMe pages have popped up this week aimed at making West a billionaire again.

Nevertheless, the page was soon removed as its supporters earned only a few dollars.

Moreover, West haters responded by launching their own GoFundMe page to prevent the 45-year-old singer from reaching the 10-digit number.

Photo: Go Fund Me

The opposition has come up with an interesting strategy to prevent West from becoming a billionaire again by demanding that ‘they’ become billionaires.

Some of these pages were titled ‘Make me a billionaire instead of Kanye West’, ‘Make my kids billionaire instead of Kanye’, ‘Make me richer than Kanye West’ .

Also, someone started a GoFundMe called ‘Make a Random Swedish Billionaire, Not Kanye West’, which shows a picture of a blonde man sitting on a small bike.

Besides, another has titled the campaign, ‘Don’t make Kanye West a billionaire, make me!’

Another person’s page reads, ‘Make me (not Kayne West) a billionaire again’ with a picture of a man holding a brown dog.

Again, this page raised no more than $25, with the maximum amount of several semi-western pages ranging from $5 to $6.

Kanye West
Photo: Go Fund Me

Social Media User Reactions to GoFundMe About Kanye West

Many netizens took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Kanye West’s fans launching a support campaign to make him a billionaire again despite his anti-Semitic remarks.

One user said, ‘Oh, no. Can you make one instead? What my bank account looks like.’

Also, someone else said, ‘Okay! Fans of Kanye West created a GoFundMe page to return him to billionaire status. I mean, what do you mean by the actual STUPID?’

Another user noted, ‘It’s probably one of the funniest and most pathetic things I’ve ever heard of Kany west fans setting up a gofundme to help him achieve billionaire status again.’



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