Kanye West’s shocking look at BET Awards 2022 in honor of friend Diddy

Kanye West made a rare appearance at the BET Awards 2022 on Sunday. About three hours after nightfall, the rapper surprised the crowd by presenting his fellow rapper Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs with the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Year.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Kanye West makes a surprise appearance at BET Awards 2022

Kanye West, also known as Yes, took everyone on stage Sunday night with Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds to present the award to Diddy.

West said, ‘How are you going to wear the crown? How do we rate our kings? To think about how far we can make inspiration.’

He continued, “He’s my favorite artist. do you know what i’m talking about favorite artist. everything.’

The 45-year-old entrepreneur continued to joke at the expense of his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

‘To this day, I ask him for advice. He inspires my choices and inspires my choices in life. wife’s choice. And here it is. Thanks, Puff.’

The rest of Donda’s seemingly unscripted speech was surprisingly uncontroversial.

He talked about how Diddy influenced his music career.

West said, ‘I got some rest. I just said that I wanted to declare that I was legally dead for a year. I just want to get off the grid and Puff is pretty persistent, bro, I think people get amnesia.’

The hip-hop star then commented, ‘Puff, if I didn’t tell you I love you, you’re my little brother.’

Besides, the ensemble of Chicago singers left everyone bewildered. He wore a gray hooded by-air jacket and a black mask with shades that almost covered his entire face.

Ye’s night outfit immediately became the subject of a joke by some Twitter users comparing him to comic book villains.

In one of the many tweets, one fan said, ‘I think Kanye will choke on this stage’.

Kanye West, first appearance since April 2022

When Kanye West took the stage to honor Diddy’s career, BET Awards attendees were ecstatic and amazed.

It is the first time since the Grammy Awards in April banned performances due to ‘problems with online behavior’.

If you didn’t know, earlier this year West shared numerous disturbing online posts about Kim Kardashian and her current boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

According to page 6, the artist in question is known to have bipolar disorder and is seeking treatment at a public health center.



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