Karolina Ciasullo Wiki, Biography, Husband, Death, Murder, Facts

Karolina Ciasullo was a Canadian citizen and worked as an elementary school teacher. St. Brampton. Isaac Jouges Catholic Elementary School hired Karolina as her fourth-grade teacher. On June 18, 2020, Karolina died in a tragic car accident that devastated her family. Karolina Ciasullo Wiki, Biography, Husband, Death, Murder, Facts.

Brady Robertson: Carolina Chiasulo Killer

In a Canadian court, murderer Brady Robertson pleaded guilty to the death of Karolina Ciasullo. The court sentenced Brady to 17 years in prison without parole. He was convicted of four counts of dangerous driving that resulted in death, and four counts of driving under the influence of alcohol. After serving 17 years in prison, Roberston is banned from driving for 20 years upon release.

Cause of death from carolina dental surgery

Karolina Ciasullo died in a horrific car accident on June 18, 2020. Karolina was hit by her crazy driver opposite her while she was heading to the breakfast table. At 134 mph, Brady Robertson, the driver of the Infiniti G35 sports car, crashed into a car in Carolina. Karolina and her three children died in this tragic and fatal clash.

Carolina Chiasulo Husband

Karolina Cisaullo is married. Michael Cisaullo is her ex-husband. She has three daughters, Clara, Liliana and Mila Chia Sullo.

Carolina Chiasulo Parents

Since there is no information about Karolina’s parents or relatives in the series, there is no information about Karolina’s parents and family.

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Karolina Ciasullo Age, Wiki

Karolina Ciasullo was born in the early 1980s. She was conceived and raised by her family in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. She said Karolina was 38 at the start of 2022 and she lived in Brampton, Canada with her spouse and children.

Carolina Chiosulo FAQ

  • When did Karolina Ciasullo die?
  • Karolina Ciasullo passed away on June 18, 2020.
  • What was the cause of Karolina Ciasullo’s death?
  • Karolina Ciasullo’s cause of death was a car accident. She collided with her car by a driver who was traveling at her 134 mph.
  • How old was Karolina Ciasullo when she died?
  • Karolina Ciasullo was 38 at the time of her death.
  • Where did Karolina Ciasullo come from?
  • Karolina Ciasullo is from Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
  • Who is Karolina Ciasullo’s Husband?
  • Karolina Ciasullo’s husband was Michael Cisaullo. They divorced when she died.
  • How many children does Karolina Ciasullo have?
  • Karolina Ciasullo had three daughters: Klara, Lilianna and Mila Ciasullo.

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