Katy Perry hints at the Drew Barrymore Show that she will start recording her new album ‘soon’.

Katy Perry hosted The Drew Barrymore Show at her Las Vegas Residence on Tuesday, September 13th, keeping her new music plans going in parallel. The topic came to light when the pop star told Drew Barrymore about the difference between her personal life and the show she puts on her Las Vegas stage. I definitely think there are characters on stage.” And I save a lot of that energy and compose in front of the audience. I really like this show I made together. It’s the No. 1 show that gives me the greatest joy.

I will probably be making another album soon, composing and traveling the world. This would be very perfect. Katy Perry continued as Barrymore gasped her breath. But she’s pretty off stage too. I’m like a financial manager. I don’t babble off stage. … I’m more like a businessman. It really saves energy for when you need to turn it on. Because when I turn it on it’s max 11 o’clock. Katy Perry said.

While Katy Perry has been performing on the Las Vegas Strip starting December 2021, the new album will be the follow-up to the American Symbol jury’s sixth studio work Smile, which is said to have been released in the summer of 2020, including ‘Daisies’ and ‘Smile’. , has a single called ‘Not the End of the World’. Likewise, featuring her 2019 standalone tracks ‘Never really Over’ and ‘Harleys in Hawaii’, the album debuted at number 5 on the Billboard 200 and is the artist’s first LP, One of the Boys, which debuted in 2009. top of the chart.

Katy Perry hints at new album

Katy Perry welcomed the Drew Barrymore Show on Tuesday to her Las Vegas residency set and announced plans for new music. She became a topic of conversation for her as the pop star told her Drew Barrymore about the differences between her own life and her show performing on her Las Vegas stage. She clearly thinks she has a character on stage,” she said. Besides, I save a lot of energy and make phone calls in front of an audience. I really love this show I do. It’s my favorite show, and it gives me the greatest joy.

I will soon make another record, write it and travel the world. This would be very perfect. She continued with Drew Barrymore gasping for breath. By the way, I am pretty and pretty even if I look alike outside the stage. I am more of a businessman. I don’t walk around offstage. … I don’t talk much offstage. It really saves energy for when you need to turn it on. ‘Cause when I turn it on, it’s eleven o’clock, ma’am.

Katie and Orlando Bloom share a hot kiss with their daughter Daisy while in Italy.

Katy Perry and her avid fiancée Orlando Bloom were seen leaning for a sweet kiss (or twice!) as they continued their yacht in Positano, Italy! In an intimate photo, singer Roar and her Lord of the Rings lover are seen hugging each other in swimsuits and kissing in the water and out! Katy rocked in a white floral sleeveless one-piece swimsuit with a yellow side ribbon with a messy bun from her hair for her late summer Family Day.

Orlando rocked a sporty white swimsuit and, in some photos, pulled out a white long-sleeved rash guard for security from the sun. In an additional photo, they played in the water with their daughter Daisy Dove, who turns 2 on Aug. 26, with a cute toddler wearing a float on her arm so she can rock. The popular couple traveled with their baby and have been spotted relaxing and bonding with their family on a luxury boat off the Amalfi Coast.

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