Kevin O’Neill Dead: Co-Founder of Special Gentleman League dies at 95

Born in 1953, Kevin O’Neill is best known for his 1999 TV series League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, co-produced with Alan Moore. They worked together in League of Legends and its branches until 2019. According to a report from Gosh Comics, Kevin O’Neill spent the past week ill after a long illness at 69. Starting his career in comics as a teenager, Kevin O’Neill worked as an artist and editor on the early issues of 2000AD, an incredibly well-known anthology series, and had a significant impact on British comics for quite some time. . He built friendships throughout his career and co-created characters such as Marshal Law and Nemesis Warlock.

Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #2, adapted by Kevin O’Neill from a libretto by Alan Moore, was one of his first American films. Because of the standards that emerged in this way with Geoff Johns’ Blackest Night storyline, the story became a major issue for DC since then. Kevin O’Neill’s contributions to Alan Moore’s Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic and Pat Serial Killer were some of his last published works. For a really long time, Kevin O’Neill continued to work with Alan Moore and Pat Mills, co-creator of Marshal Law.

Special Gentleman League, artist Kevin O’Neill has died at the age of 69.

British cartoonist Kevin O’Neill, who co-produced League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with Alan Moore, among other convincing works, has passed away, EW confirmed the news, and Kevin was 69. Born on 22 August 1953 to an ordinary family in southeast London, Kevin O’Neill’s imaginative dreams were first inspired by anthologies such as The Beano and American imports from Mad Magazine. In an interview with British comic book historian True Brit, Kevin O’Neill told writer George Khoury that the ink lines and wavy lines give him a brief glimpse into a universe that is more realistic, powerful and engaging than I ever lived in. Kevin O’ Neill started working in the comics industry at the age of 16, first as an office assistant on a children’s humor comic called Buster. Eventually, with enough children’s comics, he embarked on a new sci-fi anthology in 2000.

Kevin O’Neill held both creative and editorial roles in the early 2000s, well known to our readers. The best known strip includes Judge Dredd and Nemesis Warlock, created by Kevin O’Neill with writer Pat Mills. Do not forget it. Kevin O’Neill’s overall style was considered offensive by the Comics Code Authority. Posted by writer Kieron Gillen after the news of Kevin O’Neill’s death became known, True Heroism. All of his Nemesis and Torquemada works live in my mind as he builds Gothic palaces. Kevin O’Neill’s generally famous cartoon appeared in 1999 when he and Moore first created League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Despite starting out as a Justice League-like team-up of Victorian era pulp heroes like Captain Nemo and the Invisible Man, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen has evolved into an incredible adventure that runs for a really long time and incorporates almost everything possible. A fictional character in that canon.

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