Khan Nags Musk: ‘If Trump returns to Twitter, we need results’

London’s left-wing mayor, Sadiq Khan, joined a long list of politicians lining up to tell Elon Musk how Twitter should run in the future. .

Speaking at Stanford University in California during a US tour, Sadiq Khan warned Elon Musk about the potential threat of allowing former President Donald Trump to return to social media platforms.

A left-leaning Labor politician said: “My first year as mayor and my first year as Donald Trump as president… “The number of cases of racial abuse received on social media increased by 2,000%,” he said.

“For those four years he had to be protected by the police and suffered a lot of racial abuse because he was president,” Khan added.

Conversely, the mayor of London claimed that Trump “had the lowest amount of racial abuse in five years” after being banned from Twitter and all other major social media platforms.

Khan said Twitter and Facebook were “great” and needed “control” and “regulation”.

On Tuesday, Tesla owner Elon Musk, who is in the process of acquiring the Silicon Valley tech giant, said: said He said he would withdraw the ban on the former president, which he described as “morally wrong” and “silly” in that it served to amplify Trump’s voice against the right.

Musk said he would seek to permanently ban spam or scam bot accounts and would only seek temporary suspensions for violations, even for potentially criminal posts.

Former President Kahn responds to the idea of ​​returning to social media sites said: “Let’s wait and see if Donald Trump has learned a lesson. If Donald Trump uses Twitter responsibly, he thinks it’s all a good thing,” he said.

“If he breaks the rules, the consequences must follow and we cannot tolerate situations where people think social media is irresponsible, racism, sexism, misogyny, as well as increasing divisions.

“Now I hope Twitter Chief Elon Musk understands that.”

Mayor Khan is one of Donald Trump’s main critics in the UK, urging the US president to ban official state visits to the UK because of Trump’s use of Twitter.

A left-wing politician has accused Trump of using “racism” as a political strategy and his slogan is the dog whistle code of “White Again” again.

Trump has labeled Khan a “cold loser” for failing to stop the soaring knife crime rate in London.

Before leaving for the United States, the mayor of London hosted an event to celebrate the Islamic holiday of Eid in Trafalgar Square. During the ceremony, Khan once again slammed the former president, arguing that Muslim crowds in the British capital would be Trump’s “worst nightmare”.

During his tour of the United States, Khan met with established leftists such as the defeated presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg and New York Mayor Eric Adams.

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