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Guys, I think I know who you are. Karma Medic That is, if you do not know who Karma Medic and karma medic electricity and success story Then To read Read this post carefully.

Karma medic bio

Kharma Medic was born on July 9, 1995 in Vancouver, Canada, a young famous YouTuber and social media influencer who currently lives in Greece with her family.

And his birthday is July 9th and on this birthday (July 9th, 2022) he turns 27..

He follows Christianity and was born into a Christian family.

His real name is Nasir Kharma, but people also know him by the name Nasir (his nickname).

As an influencer, he has over 160,000 followers on his official Instagram account, 45,000 fans on his TikTok account and 1.1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Guys, we wrote this article about Kharma Medic. electricity and all factsSo, if you are a fan of Kharma Medic, read this article carefully.

Karma Medic family

Kharma Medic was born on July 9, 1995 in Vancouver, Canada and currently lives in Greece with her family.

We did a lot of research about his parents and brother means his family, but with no satisfactory results. I will update this post whenever I get information about his family.

karma medic instagram

Kharma Medic is a famous Instagram star who gained a lot of fame by posting photos with inspiring captions and Reels on her Instagram account. He is very famous on Instagram (the world’s most popular photo and video sharing social media platform) and his great performances on Instagram.

Kharma Medic is very interesting on Instagram and you can often see him interacting with many celebrities who show love and support in their posts, and he has huge fans on social media.

As of July 2021, his Instagram handle (@kharmamedic) has over 160K followers.

And let’s talk about the average likes of his Instagram posts. Favorite come in between 07-25 thousand And sometimes more and more.

Karma Medic YouTube

As you may know, Kharma Medic is also a famous YouTuber and started her YouTube journey at: March 7, 2018, And on this day he joined YouTube on March 4, 2018, but posted his first video.

Almost four and a half years later, I am uploading HOW-TO-related videos and study tips to YouTube. And now he has over 1.1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel (Kharma Medic).

This is the Kharma Medic YouTube description.

Hey 👋🏻
My name is Nasir and I am a medical student studying at King’s College London 🏛
I create YouTube videos to inspire and inspire students to pursue medicine as a profession and to provide the most useful and valuable information in doing so.
I am making all kinds of videos such as studying with me, daily life, tips for studying effectively, and various vlogs 📝
I hope this video helps you take shape or form in some way and I hope you enjoy watching it ⚖️
If you want to send me a message, feel free to message me via my Instagram page @KharmaMedic or email ([email protected]) 📱
Enjoy 😊
Completed H.Bsc for those interested. Added a minor in Immunology from the University of Toronto to Molecular Genetics and Microbiology and Genetics, Genetics, and Biotechnology.

And let’s talk about the average number of views of his YouTube videos. He has been on YouTube for almost 4 and a half years and has between 50-200K views, sometimes less and less.

His most popular video has 9.9 million views on YouTube, the video is titled “Why I Can Study Non-stop for 4 Hours (How to Stay Productive)” and you can watch this video with over 9.9 million views here .

Karma Medic Career

Kharma Medic is a famous YouTuber and young influencer from Vancouver, Canada.

He started his career as a social media star and now has over 1.1 million followers on his YouTube channel.

Since becoming famous on YouTube, his success has not stopped.

karma medic girlfriend

Now talk about Kharma Medic’s relationship and girlfriend. Most celebrities try to keep their dating and personal lives private.

We did a lot of research on Kharma Medic’s relationship and came up with some results, and Kharma Medic’s girlfriend’s name is Alexia Migliaressis.

Kharma Medic height, weight and fitness

He is a fitness freak, loves to work out every day, takes good care of his body and his physique makes him crazy.

Kharma Medic is 5 feet 11 inches tall, as many of his fans and followers often ask how tall Kharma Medic is.

And Kharma Medic weighs 65 kg and he has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Karma Medic Net Worth

This is after all one of the most asked questions. How much does Kharma Medic earn and what is Kharma Medic’s net worth?

As you know, Kharma Medic is a young and famous social media star.

Guys, net worth depends on the source of income and he has several sources of income, but his main source of income is social media and he has made a ton of money from his associations with social media handles.

He charges a fair amount for his sponsorship and it depends on his fan followers (followers) and how good the sponsorship amount is.

His estimated net worth is over $600,000.

In addition to this, if you are running your own business, your net worth is not included here. And we looked at their social media handles and tried to get data on their net worth estimates with the help of the internet. Therefore, it has not been confirmed that this data is accurate.

Kharma Medic social media handle

Kharma Medic is a popular social media star. As of July 2022, Kharma Medic has over 160,000 followers on her Instagram account, 1.1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, 45,000 fans on her TikTok account, and over 15,000 followers on her Twitter handle.

Instagram @kharmamedic (160,000 followers)
Twitter @KharmaMedic (15 followers)
Youtube Kharma Medic (1.1 million members)
tick flick @notkharmamedic (45K fans)

Hobbies, Favorites and Facts of Kharma Medic

  • Kharma Medic’s real name is Nasir Kharma.
  • He was born in Vancouver, Canada.
  • As of July 2022, she is 27 years old, her date of birth is July 9, 1995, and her birthday is July 9.
  • Kharma Medic is a famous social media influencer.
  • He is very famous for posting photos in unique poses.
  • His Instagram account has over 160K followers.
  • His Instagram ID is @kharmamedic.
  • He has over 1.1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.
  • His YouTube channel name is Kharma Medic.
  • His favorite hobbies are traveling, photography, and making videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Guys, I’ve mentioned all the queries you search on google here.

What is Kharma Medic’s real name?

Kharma Medic’s real name is Nasir Kharma.

What is your Kharma Medic nickname?

Kharma Medic’s nickname is Nasir.

What is the date of birth (date of birth) for Kharma Medic?

The date of birth (date of birth) for Kharma Medic is July 9, 1995.

What is the Kharma Medic age?

Actual age for Kharma Medic is 27 as of July 2022.

Is Kharma Medic Married?

No, Kharma Medic is not married.

Who is Kharma Medic Girlfriend?

Kharma Medic’s girlfriend’s name is Alexia Migliaressis.

How tall is Kharma Medic?

The Kharma Medic height is 5 feet 11 inches.

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