Kid Cudi jumps off the stage during a Rolling Loud performance as the audience continues to throw objects.

Rolling Loud Miami 2022 at Hard Rock Stadium kicked off after headliner Kid Cudi walked off the stage mid-set.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Why did Kid Koodi come off the stage?

Kid Cudi has been called on as the headliner to replace Ye, previously known as Kanye West.

The 45-year-old rapper was dropped from the rolling louds lineup five days before the concert for unclear reasons.

Still, the crowd doesn’t seem to be impressed with the organizers, who replaced Yee with Kid Cudi, who has turned from his friend to his foe.

Angry fans showed their support when Donda artist randomly threw objects at Kid Cudi on Friday’s set of a music concert.

Still, the 38-year-old rap icon, who looked furious, warned the audience that if he continued tossing, he would be kicked out.

In one of the clips filmed on the show, Kid Cudi said, ‘If I hit the damn thing one more time. If I see another goddamn king on this damn stage, I’m leaving.’

In another video, he said, ‘Hey, if you guys throw one more damn thing here, I’ll step down from this stage. I will leave. I will leave now.’

But his warnings were thwarted when someone threw a bottle on stage, causing Kid Cudi to agitate.

In addition, the singer of ‘Man on the Moon’ surprised the audience by leaving the stage without wasting time and not finishing the set.

Adding an insult to Kid Cudi’s injury, Ye made a surprise appearance at Lil Durk’s Friday night show.

The fashion mogul performed on Kid Cudi’s adjacent stage after being pulled by Lil Durk for guest vocals.

Additionally, the duo played a track called Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1, the chorus features Kid Cudi’s vocals.

Fans react to Kid Cudi leaving his gig at Rolling Loud.

Social media users got angry on behalf of Kid Cudi. They expressed their feelings on the Internet for artists being treated rudely.

One user said, “It’s disgusting to see Kid Koodi rolling around loudly.”

Another netizen commented, ‘It breaks my heart to see what happened to him on Rolling Loud. It’s not his fault that he became the headliner instead of Ye. If you want to be angry with someone, be angry with the example that pulled the example out at the last minute. I wish @KiDCuDi the best for you. Don’t let it influence you too much.’



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