Kids Channel Innate Fun in Lego Foundation’s ‘Most Boring Room in History’

The Lego Foundation, a Danish toy manufacturer’s learning-by-play initiative, put six children in a naked room with only a table, chairs and a wad of paper to see what happens. The “most boring room” turned out to be nothing.

The results of a “social experiment” created by Ketchum London as part of the LEGO Foundation’s “Building a World of Play” campaign were filmed and designed to emphasize the simplicity of play.

The 80-second film begins with a scene in an ordinary room. The children come in, sit down at their desks, look bored, and then an adult handed them a piece of paper. If not already engaged, children slowly begin to roll until they are creative.

They tear the paper and begin using it to make masks, superhero capes, telescopes, ghost costumes, bow ties, robot costumes, and burrows under the table.

Citing Lego’s Play Well Study, the on-screen copy tells viewers that “84% of kids want more time.”

It continues. “Play can happen anywhere, anytime. It develops problem-solving, creativity and teamwork. So, you can create a #PlayPledge and have more fun making money every week. It will be fun. I promise. The world of play. Build it.”

Directed by Justin Hackney of Mad Cow Films, this film was made with the realization that children’s free time was dwindling. The LEGO Foundation seeks to “remind the world that playtime plays an important role in helping children develop skills such as self-confidence, cooperation and concentration”.

The global campaign runs across all social platforms, Ketchum and its clients collaborate with partners such as museums, galleries and cultural institutions in seven countries.

When the video is released, the agency said it will “work with a variety of small parenting and family influencers in the UK and US to share content that inspires parents as a way to create fun moments in their lives.” Content will be released over the next two months to coincide with LEGO’s 90th birthday celebration on August 10th.

Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen, CEO of the LEGO Foundation, said:

“We want to remind the world not only the true value of play, but how easy it is to create an environment where play thrives and develops core skills, because we all lack inspiration at times.”

This piece was created by Indy Selvarajah, Creative Director at Ketchum, Lipe Faria, Creative Director, and Emily Gosen, Chief Creative Officer.

Selvarajah said: So we thought we’d put them in a really uninspired space with a bunch of paper and see what happens. And as you can see, they put their imagination and creativity into Bucket Road.”

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