Killer stabs prison guard in Texas, escapes prison bus

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A murderer managed to escape police custody in Leon County, Texas, and is currently on the run after being charged with stabbing a security guard while going for a medical examination.

Gonzalo Lopez, 46, escaped on foot and is now in great condition.

The escape occurred on a bus carrying him and other inmates along Highway 7 near Centerville. Lopez released his arrest and attacked the bus driver who was identified by police as prison guard Randy Smith.

A Texas Criminal Justice spokeswoman said a fight broke out on the bus and Lopez tried to grab a security guard’s gun. Lopez reportedly used a makeshift knife to cut the driver’s hand before the bus crashed.

Police are currently tracking the escaped inmate and have urged the public to stay away from him and call 911 if they find a man.


How did Lopez escape?

Convicted killer Gonzalo Lopez in Texas escaped prison, but there was no violence and no bus crashes.

The inmate is currently on the run, triggering multiple agency pursuits across Texas and across borders.

For more on Lopez’s escape, read Rachel Sharp’s story below.

Greig GraziosiMay 13, 2022 16:19


Lopez was serving a life sentence when he escaped.

Killer Gonzalo Lopez, who escaped prison on Friday, is serving a life sentence in prison for killing a man in Hidalgo County and attempting to murder another man in Webb County.

Lopez worked for the La Mana drug cartel in Tamaulipas, Mexico in 2015. During that time, he killed Lupe Ramirez for $40,000 in drug debt.

The execution was brutal, as is common with many Mexican drug cartels, and Lopez bound the man, threw him into a shallow grave, and then killed him with a pickaxe.

Greig GraziosiMay 13, 2022 16:07


Welcome to the live blog

welcome to independent Live blog post jailbreak of convicted killer Gonzalo Lopez.

Lopez is said to have stabbed a prison guard with a makeshift blade while being transported to a prison bus. The bus crashed and he ran away on foot. He is still big.

stay together independent All day for updates on tracking to Lopez.

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