Kim Burrell was brutally beaten when he called his members ‘bankrupt’ and ‘ugly’.

Later in an Instagram video, the gospel singer apologized. “If someone gets hurt, I can say I’m really sorry. Famous gospel singer Kim Burrell is receiving a lot of backlash through social media. Because she hints that members of the congregation are “bankrupt” and “ugly” while preaching.

Kim Burrell: Who is she?

Houston-born 49-year-old singer – Collaboration with JAY-Z. Mariah Carey, Frank Ocean, and others made a surprise appearance. At one of the locations of Brian Carn’s Kingdom City Church. In a popular video, Burrell is shown jokingly addressing churchgoers. He asks the question, “Sometimes before we get to know each other we have to do an interview. How long have you been bankrupt? How often do you update the name on your utility bill?

Burrell Gives High Score to Church Leader Carn

she said Status or material possessions are irrelevant. Everything depends on your choice. Burrell commends Church leader Carn. In a video that tells “the kind of truth that makes most people uncomfortable.” Who would like to be told that they are simply ugly? Burrell said nobody likes to hear it. “Most people don’t get angry until they realize something negative about them,” she said. I still haven’t decided who’s ugly. God is merciful. God is great You are all fantastic. Most of you are already covered in hats. So I said, “Here I am.

Afterwards, the gospel performer posted an apology video on Instagram.

Before starting the song, Burrell first spoke to the audience. “I have a very good personality.” But after she received harsh criticism for her remarks. Afterwards, the gospel musician posted on his Instagram, “Please listen to my heart. I apologize.” According to Distractify, the gospel singer also posted her apology in writing on her Instagram account. “As a citizen of the kingdom and as a woman of integrity,” she said. She understands that even a word for fun can cause some offense,” she said. written on it.

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