Kim Jong-un appears to be not wearing a mask at the head of the country due to the severe coronavirus outbreak in North Korea.

  • North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appeared without a mask at a national funeral on the 11th.
  • North Korea has urged citizens to wear masks amid the serious Omicron situation. per BBC.
  • As of Monday, the number of ‘fever’ in North Korea exceeded 2.9 million, The Korean Central News Agency said.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appeared without a mask at a state funeral on the 1st. “Immaturity” and “Indolence” Used to deal with the country’s Covid outbreak.

In photos and videos released by state news agency, Chairman Kim was caught wearing the coffin of a senior military official, Hyun Chol-hae, without a mask.

Depending on the to AFPThe Marshal of the Korean People’s Army is said to have been Kim’s mentor, who helped prepare him to become the country’s next leader before his father and predecessor Kim Jong-il’s death in 2011.

Kim was the only person at the funeral home to hold the window without a mask.

North Korea has urged its citizens to wear masks, and in some cases recommended wearing two. per BBC.

Since the recluse confirmed its first case of coronavirus on May 12, the country has been ravaged by the rapidly spreading Omicron outbreak. However, North Korean state media has maintained a “controversial claim” that the coronavirus is subsiding. AP communication.

As of Monday, the total number of cases of fever in North Korea had crossed 2.9 million and 68 people had died. State-owned Korean Central News Agency. According to BBCThe country has not yet referred to this “fever” outbreak as COVID-19 because poor testing capabilities impede its ability to diagnose cases.

According to AP communicationExperts also said there is a possibility. Countries that have not been vaccinated To protect Kim’s political reputation, the actual number of deaths is underreported.

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