Kim Kardashian appears to be ‘abusing’ cats in repackaged photos

In 2010, Kim Kardashian posted a photo on Twitter with the caption, “Photos from yesterday… Wonderful kittens!” A photo of Kim Kardashian posing with her pet has been released and is controversial. The photo received a reaction from fans as ’embarrassed’.

Photo posted by Kim Kardashian on Twitter.

The image shows Kim, now 41, looking like she was wearing a black top as she came out of the dressing room after appearing in “Keeping Up With The Kim Kardashians.” She held the black cat by the nape of her neck and let her previously blonde long hair fall over her shoulders. Kim wrote on her own Twitter, “The picture I took yesterday… She shared the photo with the caption, “A lovely kitten.” According to the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, while holding a kitten, one hand should be placed on its hind paws or under its buttocks and the other hand under its front/chest. Even kittens should not be touched by the nape of their neck.

Kim Kardashian/Twitter

Why Cats Look Depressed

But it seems that Kim was holding the cat exactly that way. Over 100 Reddit users found it hard to believe what they saw when the image was posted on Sunday. Many cat sympathizers have said that the cat is “stressed” and “looking unhappy”. Someone shouted, “Oh my God, that poor cat.” Another said, “It’s not cool.” Many people think it’s acceptable to lift a cat in this way, but it’s not. Even if it is pointless, it is less harmful if the person is young and has a low BMI.

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Imagine she grabbed her hand. the third said Mothers hold their kittens this way when they are only a few ounces in weight, not when they are that big. Plus, they don’t hang 5 feet in the air! Someone in her called her “evil” and someone yelled at her. She should have scratched her face at the cat. “We all know the family’s track record with pets,” said another netizen, suggesting that Kim Kardashian continues to debate with animal welfare activists about how they treat animals.



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