Kim Kardashian Infringes SKKN Trademarks

A small business owner who sued Kim Kardashian for trademark infringement has once again been brought to trial.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Kim Kardashian charged with trademark infringement

It is reported that Kim Kardashian has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against skincare lines SKKN and SKKN BY KIM.

Small business owner Cydnie Lunsford has filed a lawsuit alleging that she owns the rights to SKKN+.

She also accused the star’s use of SKKN for confusing customers.

According to legal documents, SKKN+ is Brooklyn-based Beauty Concepts. It also added that it was black and woman-owned businesses that survived the epidemic as they learned that Kardashian was launching a new brand with a similar name.

Lunsford’s lawyers first served their letter of cessation with the Kardashians star last July.

In the letter, they stated that SKKN+ had been providing beauty salons and skincare services since July 2017.

They also claimed that they contacted Kardashian to inform them that they hold the trademark for SKKN+ and asked him not to use a similar name.

However, according to the company, the 41-year-old star team eventually ignored their request when launching her new brand anyway.

The Kim Kardashian Team’s Response to the Litigation

Kim Kardashian’s attorney Michael Rhodes has asserted her client’s innocence and stated that she was clear.

He said, ‘This lawsuit is different from what it looks like. SKKN BY KIM is Ms. A new brand that follows in the footsteps of Kardashian’s successful KKW product line.’

Rhodes said, ‘Based on independent research and development, her company has filed a trademark application with SKKN BY KIM to protect its new branded product. This has sparked current reform efforts.’

Kim Kardashian

He went on to say that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) rejected the SKKN+ mark on ‘Beauty Concepts’ because “skkn” means “skin.”

According to Rhodes, ‘running a small esthetic business in Brooklyn doesn’t give you the right to shut down a global skincare line.’

Models and Beauty Concepts continue their legal battle over trademark rights.

However, Rhodes points out that Beauty Concepts is suing them to take advantage of the huge settlement amount.

Kardashian’s new brand has been questioning its legitimacy since its launch. She was previously accused of copying SSKIN, the name of an Australian influencer’s skin clinic run by Emilee and Amy Hembrow.



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