Kim Kardashian is being criticized for hanging out with Tristan Thompson on Thanksgiving.

It seems only Tristan Thompson can mess with the Kardashians and get away with it. At the Thanksgiving event this week, Kim Kardashian was criticized for spending time with Khloé Kardashian’s cheating ex, Tristan Thompson. On Thursday, Skims founder Kim Kardashian, 42, revealed via her Instagram that she and Tristan Thompson, 31, recently dined with young men at a Los Angeles juvenile detention center. She captioned a series of photos taken at the event. Thank you to everyone I met in prisons across the country this year. I had an inspirational Friendsgiving dinner at Camp Kilpatrick this week with @realtristan13. The good behavior of the young people earned them a spot at this model camp in Malibu, Kim explained. Many of them are taking college classes and have gone through a lot of changes.

She concluded that walking around the table and listening to their dreams and aspirations was her favorite part of dinner. I’m looking forward to seeing them all come true. Despite Tristan Thompson’s presence in the comment section, fans criticized the wholesome post featuring them dining together. Considering what Tristan Thompson did to your sister, why are you doing this to him? one person said Another follower wrote, Kim Kardashian, We’re not going to make Tristan Thompson an enemy and then try to redeem him. Blur his face. I added a third that Tristan was finally imprisoned.

Fans of Kardashian hit Kim Kardashian hanging out with Tristan Thompson for ‘Friendsgiving’.

Kim Kardashian was criticized by fans of The Kardashians after spending time with her sister’s ex, Tristan Thompson, on Thanksgiving. Skims founder Chloe Kardashian, 42, hung out with him at a celebration last week despite the basketball player’s unfaithfulness to her sister. During their relationship, Tristan Thompson cheated on her several times with Khloé Kardashian and fathered children with other women while they were together. Since then, the couple has separated. A photo posted on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account shows her dining with young men at a juvenile detention center in Los Angeles on the Thursday ahead of the holidays. Kim Kardashian posted pictures of her event on her own social media accounts. She is especially grateful for the people she met in prisons across the country this year.

A Friendsgiving dinner with young adults at Camp Kilpatrick this week inspired @realtristan13 and me. These well-behaved youngsters made it to Malibu Model Camp. Their lives have changed drastically since starting college classes. Our dinners are best enjoyed around the table, listening to each other’s dreams and aspirations. It will be very interesting to see them all come to life. Some of Kim’s followers weren’t too impressed with the images included in the wholesome post and made her feelings known in the comments section. The weekend before Khloé, 38, gave birth to her daughter, True, Tristan was caught cheating on her. Despite forgiving him, he allegedly had an affair again, this time with Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner’s former best friend. Khloé threw a party for Tristan’s 30th birthday the weekend she was pregnant with his son, Theo, with Maralee Nichols. After this incident, Khloé’s relationship ended for good, but they continued to co-parent.

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