Kim Kardashian Robbers Blame Star for Paris Hotel Robbery

A man who took many dollar worth of jewelry from Kim Kardashian shockingly pinned the fault to the star. In 2016, Eunice Abbas was one of the masterminds behind the Paris hotel robbery. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, 41, has been robbed of about $10 million in jewellery, including a $4 million 20-carat wedding ring given to her by her now-her ex-husband, Kanye West. Kardashians star Kim Kardashian was tied, gagged and pointed her gun during her horrific experience. At the same time, a group of men in her veil attacked her jewelry box and took away huge amounts of diamonds and two cell phones.

One of the men behind the robbery against Kim Kardashian at a Paris hotel in 2016 blamed a well-known victim of the crime, saying she should be somewhat less flashy. Eunice Abbas spent nearly two years in prison in a $10 million theft case in which Kim Kardashian was tied up and entered into her hotel bathroom by robbers acting like police. I was there to collect it because she was throwing her cash. feel guilty? no. In an interview published on Saturday, Yunis Abbas sniffed VICE News. They should be somewhat less flashy for individuals who can’t afford it, he said of Kardashian and other superstars who boast their affluence online. It is provocative for certain individuals.

Kim Kardashian robber blames the star for the infamous Paris hotel robbery in 2016

In a new interview, one of the men who arrested Kim Kardashian for theft in 2016 said the reality star ‘should be a little less flashy’. On October 2, 2016, five men in police uniforms stormed into the Paris residence where Kardashian was staying at Paris Fashion Week. Kim Kardashian was thrown in her bathroom with a gun pointed at her, tied up and gagged at her. She said she called for help when robbers stole $10 million of her jewelry.

Speaking to Vice News for an influencer-focused robbery program, Yunis Abbas, one of the suspects dubbed ‘grandfather robbery’ due to old age, was arrested by French police for allegedly involved in the trick. From Kim Kardashian. Rather, he blames her for her boasting of her wealth. She said, ‘I went there to get her money because she was throwing away her cash and she was all there’ she said on charges of robbery. Eunice Abbas, in her 60s, told Weiss. Yunis Abbas added tycoons like Kim Kardashians. It is provocative for certain individuals.

According to Eunice Abbas, author of the memoir I Kidnapped Kim Kardashian, social media helped robbers monitor Kim Kardashian’s jewelry, including a $4 million, 20-carat Lorraine Schwartz wedding band that they bought from Kanye West. I went to the internet and it is valid. I saw her jewelry, saw her ring and saw that she showed it all and we know this data via social media, Yunis Abbas, who similarly referred to an episode of Keeping, said. In Up With Kardashians, a TV character lost a jewel in the water. He thought she had huge amounts of cash. This woman doesn’t care at all. Eunice Abbas told Weiss that he was standing by the stairs while his conspirators robbed Kim Kardashian from her suite. He noted that the group had two lucky breaks.

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