Kim Richards Net Worth

What is Kim Richards’ net worth?

Net Worth: $500,000
job: actor, television personality
country: USA
bear: September 19, 1964
Income (annual): $100,000 per year
Sources of wealth: TV show, brand
last update 2022

Kim Richards is an American actor and television personality who has a net worth of $500,000. Richards is well known as a child actor in films such as ‘Escape from the Witch Mountain’, ‘The Nanny and the Professor’, and ‘Return from the Witch Mountain’.

She gained popularity in 2010 by appearing on the TV show ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ with her sister Kyle Richards. She appeared on the show performing one of the main roles for five seasons, and appeared as a guest in the season’s post. Let’s find out how this RHOB star came to her fame and how she got her wealth.

early life

Richards was born on September 19, 1964 in New York, the daughter of Kathleen Mary and her second husband Kenneth Edwin Richards. Her parents separated in 1972 and her mother later remarried. She is Kathy Hilton’s half-sister and her nephews are Nicky and Paris Hilton. Richards’ ancestry is primarily Welsh and Irish.

Career Highlights

Richards’ career began at the age of four months, appearing in television commercials on the Fifth carpet. She appeared in the TV series ‘The Nanny and the Professor’ and played Prudence Everett. She has also appeared in several Disney films, such as ‘No Deposit’, ‘Escape to Witch Mountain’, and ‘Back to Witch Mountain’.

She also appeared in Disney’s popular series Whiz Kid Capers’ ‘The Whiz Kid and the Carnival Caper’ and ‘The Whiz Kid and the Mystery at Riverton’. The movie aired as part of the Wonderful World of Disney series.

Richards and her sister Kyle played sister roles in the 1977 thriller ‘The Car’. She also played a sister role in the film ‘Devil Dog: Hound of Hell’, which was released on television. She was active in ‘Area 13 Heist’ as a child.

For one season, she appeared in a short series titled ‘Hello Larry’ and guest starred on several TV shows such as ‘Diff’rent Strokes’, ‘Fantasy Land’, ‘Alice’, and ‘Emergency!’. ‘James at 16’, ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’, ‘CHiPs’, ‘The Love Boat’, ‘Magnum, PI’ ‘Little House on the Prairie’, ‘The Rockford Files’.

She has also appeared in Meatballs II and Tough Tough and co-produced the movie Escape with husband G. Monty Brinson. She continued to appear in films ‘black snake moan’, 2006 and ‘The Race to the Witch Mountain’, In 2009, she played Tia in the film franchise previously released in 1975 and 1978. In 2010, she was a member of the show ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ with her sister Kyle Richards. She dropped out after season 5 for her personal reasons, and appeared as a guest on several seasons of the show.

personal life

Richards married Monty Brinson, heir to the supermarket franchise and professional poker player in 1985. They have a daughter. However, they divorced in 1988 and in the same year She is married to Greg Davis, Son of oil mogul Marvin Davis and Barbara Davis. They had two children, a daughter and a son. They also divorced shortly after 1991.

Richards then began dating John J. Collett, a salesman famous for his criminal activities that cost him $150 million. However, he was killed at Northridge, shot twice and killed by an assassin. I paid a ransom of 30,000 dollars. He was on the phone with Richards during filming. She talked about the incident on a show called ‘Real Housewives in Beverly Hills’.

Richards later began dating businessman Wynn Katz, and they appeared together on WE TV’s ‘Marriage Bootcamp’ in 2018, and they split shortly after the show.

But Richards remained friends with her. ex-husband Brinson, It was when my husband was being treated for lung cancer. He eventually passed away in 2016 at the age of 58. Richards has two grandchildren from his first daughter, Brooke.

legal matter

Richards was arrested in 2015 for trespassing and drunkenness at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She spent the night in prison and was awarded $20,000 in her bail. She was once again arrested that same year for stealing her belongings from a Target store, spent one night in jail, and received $5,000 bail. She relapsed in 2019 after alcoholism that disrupted her relationship with her sister Kyle.

Richards was once homeless when she was drunk and in rehab. This is partly why she was fired from Real Housewives in Beverly Hills, and why her main source of income was cut. She faced more financial difficulties over the years as she participated in several lawsuits. She is Pay $266,000 She was forced to pay $5,000 when she refused to pay the scriptwriter for services in 2015 over charges of attacking her dog.


Currently, Richards lives in a rustic home that her sister Kyle bought to help her live rent-free and look after the children. She also owes $100,000 in taxes alone. It’s very surprising that she couldn’t afford her house with this amount of debt.

Richards lives in a two-bedroom, 1600-square-foot two-bedroom house that her sister Kyle bought for about $520,000. Kyle is the wife of famous real estate tycoon Mauricio, who owns a $8.5 million mansion in the suburbs of Los Angeles. She is also where Kim Richards currently resides. However, the apartment has amenities like jacuzzi, swimming pool, and security is great.


Kim Richards is estimated to have a net worth of $500,000 in 2022. Richards earned $100,000 per season for five seasons appearing on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’. She even received $23,000 from her ex-husband Gregg Davis to look after her two children. Kim Richards was a socialite known for her controversial lifestyle and was once a popular actress in the 70s and 80s. The former currently lives a simple life due to her lawsuit and lack of income.

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