King Charles’ ‘Dear o’Dear’ funny meme trend after video went viral

After the resignation of the British Prime Minister, a ‘Dear Oh Dear’ video about King Charles III is rapidly spreading through Twitter. Well, that video is from a week ago, but now it’s gaining popularity on the internet. Because the meme also appeared in the video of Dear Oh Dear by King Charles III. But what about all the videos?

Read ahead to learn more about King Charles’ “Dear Oh Dear” video, which is going viral on the internet as the PM steps down.

Charles III’s ‘Dear o’Dear’ video is a hot topic.

We have many videos about the British royal family that have gone viral on the internet. Sometimes it was for a good reason, but sometimes it was for a bad reason that went viral. However, the videos that have been recently uploaded to Twitter are all Dear Oh Dear videos.

Well, this video has to do with Charles III. Recently, he has expressed dissatisfaction with meeting with Prime Minister Leeds Truss. It was captured on video and is now a virus everywhere. But what was that video all about?

Why did Charles III’s ‘Dear Oh Dear’ video become a hot topic?

Prime Minister Liz Truss recently met his heir to the throne, Charles III. Their meeting was so unexpected that it has now become a viral video. Well, when Leeds went to see Charles III, the video showed the king saying, “Again? Dear Mister.” It was when he saw the PM.

Since the video went viral on the Internet, it has been a topic of discussion everywhere. In fact, the king’s displeasure with the prime minister captured in the video is still going viral a week after the current prime minister, Liz Truss, has already resigned.

Dear Oh Dear” Charles III’s video turns into a meme

Dear Oh Dear King Charles III’s video has gone viral, especially on Twitter. Because users are using it as a meme right now. King’s Dear Oh Dear line is now definitely a viral meme. It attracts a lot of users who try memes. Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned.

Users are using more Dear Oh Dear memes. One of our users said that we don’t have to see Liz Truss again now because King Charles III tags his Dear Oh Dear meme.

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