Klay Thompson knocked down a fan in the Warriors Championship Parade.

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson accidentally hit an onlooker during the Championship Parade in San Francisco on Monday, June 20.

Championship parades are known for being out of control. So our recent celebrations were no exception.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Klay Thompson knocked down a fan while attending the Golden State Warriors Championship Parade.

During Monday’s festivities, the Warriors marched through the streets, waving confetti in the air and shouting them to their lungs.

But during the confusion, Klay Thompson seemed to have tripped and tripped until a 6-foot-5-inch frame knocked the woman down.

Clay Thompson

Still, some onlookers may have filmed the entire incident, as it is making waves on social media.

In the clip, the 32-year-old can be seen rushing towards the camera, with a fan unintentionally hitting the ground quite hard.

A good-natured California native helped the woman stand up quickly. In the video, he appeared to apologize to the woman before entertaining the screaming Warrior crowd.

Klay Thompson loses championship hat and ring

Klay Thompson entertained us before and during the Championship Parade in the Bay Area on Monday.

A few hours before the team parade, the athlete revealed that his championship hat had been blown away by the wind while paraded in his private boat.

The Washington State University graduate exclaimed. ‘ah! I have released an Instagram story video titled ‘I lost my hat!’.

In an interview with The Game at 95.7, the star said, ‘I actually got on a boat because today was a perfect glassy day on the water. It’s funny because I lost my championship hat in the wind.’

Then, as to the reason for the sudden change of clothes, he said, ‘I do not forgive garbage. I tried to find her, but now she is unfortunately one with the sea. So she’s wearing a captain’s hat.’

Santa Margarita Catholic High School alumni were required to wear sailor hats in a championship parade after the incident.

He added, “Honestly, I think it was fate because the clothes fit well.”

He continued, ‘It was the second choice. Thank you for being here. I am a character Captain of the day.’

Moreover, the four-time NBA champion dropped his championship ring while high-fived to the Warriors.

Fortunately, I found it on the road.



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