Kodak Black fights and calls 21 Savage.

Kodak Black was involved in not one but two fights. The singer exchanged heated words with 21 Savage after they were allegedly involved in a brawl in Houston.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Kodak Black had an altercation in Houston.

Earlier this week, a video of Kodak Black and his crew brawling started circulating on social media. The fight reportedly occurred last night in Houston, Texas.

In case you didn’t know, Black’s real name, Bill K Kapri, was one of four people shot in an incident in West Hollywood.

Reportedly, the accident occurred near Justin Bieber’s after-party, where he ironically sang at Takeoff’s funeral last Friday.

Meanwhile, lawyer Bradford Cohen released a statement on social media to share some facts related to the attack on Black.

“There was an unwarranted attack on an individual who was with Kodak,” he said.

Moreover, he claimed that ‘several shots were fired at them’. However, the 24-year-old rapper was confident that he would ‘make a full recovery’.

Kodak Black blames 21 Savage for questioning Nas’ involvement.

Kodak Black took to his social media handle to blast 21 Savage for his comments about Nas’ relevance. He championed the Queen’s legend and spoke of the Queen’s influence on culture.

The Floridian rapper is ‘[21 Savage] ‘Ah, Nas doesn’t matter.’ How the fuck Nas don’t care, h*e?’

After that he went on to say ‘why is f*ck Nas irrelevant? ni**a smoking deck! I was sick [album with Drake]. We salute Drake and we love Drake.

Black continued to praise the 49-year-old legendary singer. He sang some lyrics in the single ‘I Can’, released in 2002.

He recited ‘Nas that ni**a, homie’. I know I can (I know I can) / Be what I wanna be (Be what I wanna be) / If I work hard at it (If I work hard at it) / I’ll be where I wanna be. you madman! fuck? Nas that boy. Friend, you stumble. Nas that ni**a, boy, you tripping, boy. fuck?’

Also he said ‘A ni**a feed for Nas. I love that boy, my friend. I’m not saying ni**as ain’t lit or anything, they’re real. Nas didn’t bother you. I didn’t bother you, dude.’


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