Kodak Black’s drug trafficking arrest video has been released.

A video of Kodak Black, who was recently arrested on drug trafficking charges, has been circulating on the Internet.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Kodak Black’s drug trafficking arrest video surface

On Sunday, July 31, YouTuber Thin Blue Line shared a video of Kodak Black being arrested in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Two weeks ago, on July 15, while cruising in an orange and blue Dodge Durango, Yak was washed by police with expired tags and illegal colors.

The bodycam footage shows the Love & War artist standing next to the cruiser and talking to the police.

Black says he had just returned from Detroit from his most recent gig at the time.

But the officers asked him about the smell of cannabis in the car.

Black said, ‘This guy just gave me cannabis. I don’t even smoke cannabis. There are no weeds on my system, but he gave me some buds at the gas station.’

He continued, ‘I don’t smoke anymore. He gave me some flower buds, but I don’t even smoke weed. vow.’

However, the rapper later confesses that he has cannabis in his car and no marijuana cards.

Police later ask the singer to wait outside while the vehicle continues to be searched.

About 30 minutes later, a police officer informs Black that they have found ’30’ oxycodone pills in the center console of his car. He also said he would be detained.

However, police at the scene allowed Black to speak with his brother.

Moreover, at about the same time, police informed the rapper that he had to wait for his supervisor to decide whether he could keep the $75,000 in cash found in the vehicle.

Yak said, ‘My shit doesn’t smell of cannabis. I do not smoke cannabis. I don’t smoke. do you feel it He didn’t smell marijuana.’

After a few seconds of silence, the stressed star said, ‘Damn, shit, shit.’

The video showed the rapper getting into the back seat of a police car.

Learn more about Kodak Black’s arrest

Kodak Black was forced to spend one night in prison, but was released the next day after paying a $75,000 security deposit.

The singer is currently under house arrest for violating the terms of being released under supervision in connection with a federal shooting.


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