Kriptomat makes automated trading accessible to everyone.

Auto Buy and Sell monitors prices and executes trades on behalf of Kriptomat customers.

Kriptomat has made it possible for cryptocurrency customers and investors to take advantage of the power and convenience of program trading for free.

Kriptomat ‘automatic buy and sell’ It works in the same way as the automated trading services that expensive investment advisors provide to wealthy clients.

Crypto Portfolio Management Automatically

Kriptomat allows customers to specify price triggers for buy and sell transactions. Automated buying and selling software monitors prices 24/7 and creates customer deals as prices rise or fall to reach trigger amounts. – formerWhether your customers are offline, asleep or just enjoying the sun on their tropical island vacation.

This tool alleviates the need for cryptocurrency investors to monitor prices. They can be confident that the desired buy and sell orders will be executed when the trigger conditions are met.

Not a bot.

Kriptomat’s automated buying and selling only carries out transactions explicitly authorized by individual customers, unlike bots that respond to changing market conditions by executing strategies at their own will.

This service is intended to help investors execute their investment strategies without obsessively monitoring prices and market conditions. Want to cash out some of your Bitcoin or Ethereum when the price goes up? Auto-sell orders make sure you don’t miss an opportunity. Want to buy Cardano or Solana for singing? If you specify a strike price in an automatic buy order, it will be executed immediately when the price reaches a threshold.

Auto Buy and Sell is part of the Kriptomat feature suite. It provides advanced investment and portfolio management skills to users with little or no background in blockchain technology or investing. Other tools include recurring purchases, 24/7 price alerts, and KriptomatPay. A solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs and influencers who want to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Kriptomat’s B2B tools include the KriptoRamp crypto onboarding widget and crypto exchange white label API for Web 3.0 businesses looking to onboard users.

Introduction to Cryptomatt

Europe’s leading licensed and regulated crypto platform, Kriptomat It supports users in over 20 languages ​​and allows you to buy, sell and trade over 350 popular cryptocurrencies using US Dollars, Euros, GB Pounds and other fiat currencies.

Kriptomat is the first European cryptocurrency exchange to achieve ISO 27001 data security certification. Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, the company has offices throughout Europe.

Kriptomat is a fully licensed and secure destination for Bitcoin lovers and cryptocurrency investors in Europe and around the world. Launched in 2018, the website and mobile app provide help files, instructions and in-depth information in 23 languages. Adds sophisticated programs such as ISO 27001 security certification and price alerts, automatic trading and cost averaging It is no surprise that this easy-to-use platform is the best choice for cryptocurrency buyers.

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