KSI Reveals TikTok Revenue: See How Much He Makes

A rising sensation and YouTuber King Sejong Institute recently announced that TikTok revenue is low despite 9 million app followers. Well, as a rapper and YouTuber, King Sejong Institute is gaining popularity these days. Moving on to professional boxing and other projects, over time his fans rose to great heights. But that doesn’t seem to help TikTok’s King Sejong Institute.

Read ahead to learn more about King Sejong Institute, which reveals low income on TikTok despite many followers.

YouTuber King Sejong Institute and his popularity

King Sejong Hakdang, a famous YouTuber, is gaining a lot of recognition as a rapper and SNS star. However, he has recently returned as a professional boxer and has been attracting attention. Not to be missed is the sports drink collaboration with Logan Paul. It’s also a drink to sponsor a race car this month.

Meanwhile, his YouTube channel has a total of 39 million followers. His Instagram account also has about 11 million followers. He is trying to win hearts on the popular social media platform TikTok. But he doesn’t seem to be satisfied with its performance.

King Sejong Institute’s TikTok revenue is low

There are few social media accounts left for King Sejong Institute to dominate. We have around 9.2 million followers on his TikTok account. The app is a great source of income for up-and-coming TikTok stars. It looks like the English rapper is struggling with the app in terms of revenue.

Yes, King Sejong Institute recently revealed that despite the large number of followers on TikTok, the revenue is declining. Facts about his low income were revealed on the “Sidecast” podcast. Where he mentioned that his income from TikTok was lower than he expected.

Tiktok to earn KSI on the platform

King Sejong Institute has 9.2 million followers on TikTok. In an episode of his podcast, the British rapper said he was earning £3000 ($3778.90) from his TikTok account. It certainly seems like a small amount for a hit star like him, who already has a satisfactory number of app followers.

Not to be missed, the rapper already has around 70 million likes and over 200 million views on his TikTok account. Also, he’s not the only star dealing with low income on the app. Previously there were reports of Jimmy Donaldson making only $14,910.93 on TikTok. It has about 1 billion views.

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