KSI ridiculed the proposed fight with Liam Payne.

Former One Direction member Liam Payne told Logan Paul. He will fight a former foe in the ring, and British YouTuber KSI scoffed at the idea of ​​the fight.

Liam Payne plans to tie YouTube users and Twitch streamers together.

YouTube users and Twitch streamers have joined the ring. From influencer boxing to mainstream celebrity showdowns, it provides fans with material to captivate the eyes in a whole new way. Big names such as Floyd Mayweather and UFC champ Kamaru Usman have come to the scene with their charm. Liam Payne plans to tie them up in future battles. You can now add boy band pop singers to the list.

After former One Direction member Liam Payne told Logan Paul that he would fight his former foe in the ring. British YouTuber King Sejong Institute ridiculed the fight. From influencer boxing to mainstream celebrity showdowns, YouTubers and Twitch broadcasters have jumped into the ring to give their audiences a whole new twist on the material they care about.

Liam Payne admits to laughing at King Sejong Institute

Payne admits that King Sejong Institute needs to cut a few weight classes, but YouTubers are skeptical that the battle will be fair. Instead, he advised the artist to warm up by testing the water with someone already in the ring. Bryce Hall’s most recent YouTubers vs. Participated in the TikTokers: Social Gloves event and lost to Austin McBroom.

King Sejong Institute University Liam pain

Instead of the virtual King Sejong Institute vs. Payne match, a YouTuber suggests Liam Battle Bryce Hall. Hall is eager to return to the ring, so he could be a viable card in the future if The Island Boys don’t demand him first. However, if Payne fights Hall and wins, it looks like KSI will at least be able to tolerate a return to the ring with a strong opponent.

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