KSI vs. Swarmz Showdown Dates and Events Revealed: YouTubers Respond to Backlash

Internet celebrity and boxer King Sejong Hakdang is ready to fight his new opponent, Swarmz. For a long time, King Sejong Institute was looking for potential opponents to fight in the boxing ring. We finally have a new opponent on his list and no one else but Swarmz. So, when do you think that fight will happen?

Read ahead to learn more about KSI and other details to fight the Swarmz.

King Sejong Institute was scheduled to face Alex Wasabi in August.

Boxing fans are always excited to have some powerful fights in the ball boxing ring. So King Sejong Institute, one of the famous boxers, has been trying to find an opponent to fight him for a long time. So we knew earlier that Alex Wassabi would fight KSI. The match was scheduled to take place in August of this year.

On August 27, the battle between King Sejong Institute and Alex Wasabi was decided. But that didn’t happen and a new opponent took the place of Alex Wassabi. However, in the boxing world, it is common to reschedule a boxing match with the next date and new opponent.

Swarmz replaces Alex Wassabi for fight against KSI.

After the fight between Alex Wasabi and King Sejong Institute is over, there is no room for anything to happen. We have a new opponent for KSI and that’s none other than Swarmz. Yes, Swarmz has to fight King Sejong Institute now. So now King Sejong Institute fans are excited again. But they also want to know when a fight will happen.

This is because the fight between Alex and King Sejong Institute did not happen because of the injury of the former. Boxing fans now wanted to know whether Swarmz and KSI would fight on the same day as the Alex Wassabi vs. KSI match date. So, is it true that the schedule for the new fight doesn’t change? Here we know about it.

When will the KSI vs Swarmz fight take place?

The new boxing match between King Sejong Institute and Swarms will be held on the same day as the match between Alex Wasabi and King Sejong Institute. Yes, so boxing fans can watch the duo fight on August 27th. The venue is The O2 Arena in London.

So, we hope the new battle schedule with Swarmz doesn’t change. Fans will get it on the same day. On the other hand, fans were eager to see the battle between Jake Paul and King Sejong Institute. But that certainly didn’t happen. This is because King Sejong Institute had swarms to replace wasabi.

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