Kwon Soon-do’s request to list LUNA 2.0 on the Korean Exchange, citing ongoing investigation

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  • Kwon Do, the head of Terraform Labs, is believed to have touched five exchanges in Korea.
  • This request is due to the proposal to launch the new Terra chain and token airdrops pending voting.
  • Local exchanges seem to be wary of the idea due to the recent LUNA crash.
  • The digital asset platform also cited ongoing investigation into the matter.
  • According to the report, if the proposal passes, Upbit will provide trading support for the new LUNA token.

According to sources, Do Kwon, CEO of Terraform Labs, said the community has contacted up to five major cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea regarding the listing of LUNA 2.0 as a vote for the launch of the new Terra blockchain network and native token.

According to local media Herald Corp., a Terraform Labs employee, who is believed to be Kwon Do-won, has requested that the new LUNA token be listed on an exchange when it is released. The report also claims that all exchanges in question offer digital asset trading in Korean Won (KRW) pairs.

The source also emphasized that Kwon Do-kwon contacted via Telegram a few days after posting a proposal to restore the ‘rebirth of the Terra network’ on the community forum. The plan proposes to launch a new Terra blockchain instead of forking the old network.

The new LUNA tokens will be included in the plan, along with airdrop incentives for lossy former token holders, UST investors and projects in the Terra ecosystem. As of press time, voting on this proposal is still ongoing, but the plan is expected to pass.

The reincarnation plan of the metropolitan area (Source: Terra Station)

Local Exchanges Avoid Do Kwon’s LUNA and Terra Coins

An industry source familiar with this said that due to the recent LUNA and UST incidents, domestic exchanges are wary of listing Terra Coin. The platform is also being cautious as an investigation into a large-scale crash is currently underway and authorities are known to have intervened.

If you wish to be listed, please follow the official listing process.

Exchange representatives according to the report.

EWN reported that the provincial government had been invited to attend the National Assembly and testify about the events surrounding the disaster. Law enforcement has also asked the local exchange to freeze LFG assets while the investigation is ongoing.

In particular, the report revealed that Upbit, one of Korea’s “big four”, will actually support a new listing and related airdrops once the restoration plan is approved. EWN has not yet been able to confirm the claim.

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