Kyle Dickard Arrested Days After Being Fired from Under Deck Adventure

Kyle Dickard has been embroiled in another controversy. A few days after it was confirmed that he was kicked out of Bravo’s Under Deck Adventure.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Kyle Dickard shares video of his arrest.

Kyle Dickard was recently detained for causing a riot at the DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

He also shared on Instagram footage of the stunt that eventually led to his arrest.

In the video, he can be seen waving the Colombian flag, taking off his shirt, and running towards the stadium. On the other hand, the guards try to catch him, but Dickard manages to evade them at first. But right after the guard knocks him out.

Additionally, Dickard uploaded a mug shot of his arrest. He said ‘how it all started vs. How I ended up outlining the post with the caption.

Meanwhile, Dickard is known to be facing three charges: disorderly conduct, non-violation, and bribery of public officials.

In addition to that, the arrest affidavit states that “As the guards attempted to escort DEF, [Kyle] Off the field, he backed away from security and failed to comply. At some point during the scuffle. DEF flung his arm around to evade security. He punched the guard in the face.’

Also, ‘after being taken into custody, the accused offered several times to “break it” in exchange for $300 to be paid to the police in exchange for his release.’

Kyle Dickard gets an ax from Bravo’s Under Deck Adventure.

Kyle Dickard feuded with his fellow crew members during the airing of the first three episodes of Under Deck Adventure.

However, he was ultimately kicked out of the series due to his disrespectful behavior towards co-star Nathan Morley.

Morley took the matter to Captain Kerry Titheradge after getting fed up with Dickard’s incessant attitude. Meanwhile, Titheradge decided to fire the deckhand and offered him the option to resign, which Dickard accepted.

Meanwhile, Bravo hinted at Decard’s firing ahead of the show’s premiere.

With over 5 years of experience at sea, Kyle is a strong deckhand excited to navigate new waters. His Southern charm often gets him out of trouble. But when he disagrees with the rest of the crew, he finds himself in hot water.’

Beyond that, Bravo releases a new episode of Under Deck Adventure season 1 every Tuesday at 9pm ET.


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