Kylie Jenner is being criticized for ignoring safety protocols at her makeup lab.

Kylie Jenner has been criticized on social media for violating necessary hygiene guidelines when visiting an Italian cosmetics studio.

On August 3rd, the makeup tycoon shared several photos. She captioned the photo.

While some fans were curious about the new products Kylie is developing, many were surprised to see influencers handle the ingredients without protective gear such as gloves, masks or hairnets.

The cosmetic brand owner claims he’s in a “private playroom” rather than a manufacturing plant, but that hasn’t stopped followers from posting surprising comments on the post, as one user said a new epidemic is emerging in the lab.

Famous cosmetic artist Kevin James Bennett criticized Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner shared a photo of herself in a lab mixing colors and makeup ingredients. Her billionaire’s lack of safety gear quickly became known to her fans.

The owner of the beauty company showed off her long hair and showed off silver jewelry and pale pink nails. She can be seen in one of the images looking at the homogenizing kettle holding makeup for her face. More than 6 million people liked Kylie’s post, 20,000 people commented on it, and many of them questioned Jenner’s safety violations.

Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett, known for his work on American Masters, She’s Got Look, and other TV shows, also took note of the post.

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In a comment, he said this while attacking Kylie Jenner. Despite having very short hair, I was never allowed to enter the lab without a hair net. and a hat. Why are you fooling your fans? And what ignorant laboratory could handle goods without proper cleaning procedures?”

He then went on to attack Kylie, detailing what had happened in a post on his Facebook page.

Photography “makes my own fun samples in my personal space and takes pictures for the content,” Kylie immediately replied to the artist. She goes on to say that it’s not a “mass production area” and that “no one puts customers at risk! Kevin, you should be ashamed of spreading misinformation.”

Unconvinced by Kylie’s explanation, Bennett said “I’m looking for an expensive homogenizing kettle that has processed at least 50 liters of complexion product” and says he’s not persuaded by Kylie’s statement.

In a comment, Bennett advised Kylie to “accept responsibility for your mistakes and move on”, and Kylie further asked if the makeup artist was present at the time of the photo shoot. The two business owners had a bit of a back and forth argument in the comments.

“Uh, now I have to change the dog’s name,” she said.

Many other individuals who questioned the safety of Kylie cosmetics have expressed similar opinions.

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