Labor group says Amazon delivery pressure is hurting workers

The labor union said on Tuesday that Amazon delivery workers were injured under pressure from the e-commerce giant to quickly distribute piles of packages to customers.

According to the Strategic Organizing Center, which is made up of four unions, an analysis of U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration data on injuries to Amazon delivery workers and co-workers working for outside contractors found that nearly one in five would be at work in 2021. reported to be injured.

“Delivering such a large number of packages per shift is something many drivers consider completely unachievable, let alone safe,” the center said in its report.

Amazon has a reputation for delivering purchases within a day or two to customers who subscribe to its Prime service, and has invested heavily in “fulfillment centers” and logistics staff.

About half of Amazon’s shipments in the U.S. are handled by outside companies contracted with retailers, putting significant performance pressure on them, the union said.

The union says pressing Amazon to buy door-to-door quickly puts drivers at risk of injury. Photo: AFP / Thomas Samson

Amazon objected to the findings of the investigation.

A spokesperson for Kelly Nantel told AFP: “This report has selected data from less than 10% of our shipping partners to tell a story that is inaccurate and misleading.”

“Safety is a top priority throughout our network.”

Amazon has invested in technologies such as camera systems to reduce accidents during shipping, Nantel added.

Amazon has hired more than 600,000 employees to handle the surge in online shopping demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, and, like its e-commerce peers, new employee training has seen an increase in casualties over a period of time.

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