Lad took his grandfather with dementia to Manchester City’s final game of the season. It’s really refreshing.

A boy with his grandfather with dementia Manchester CityThe final game of the 2021/22 Premier League season and their big day went viral. Below you can see some amazing footage of the day.

Charlie Gibson’s 84-year-old grandfather, Barry Carr, has been a Manchester City fan since the age of six, and the club offered him a pair in their final game of the season against Aston Villa.

But recently, Barry’s dementia has been getting worse, and Charlie is worried that the situation is going too far.

“In the car on the way he starts to fade,” Charlie said. ITV. “He couldn’t remember my name, so he just grabbed my hand, but he started laughing as soon as we got to the Etihad Stadium.

“I was worried that too much was going to happen to him, but as soon as he got on the pitch all the memories seemed to come pouring in.”

Barry set fire to the ground. Credit: CONTENTbible/@charliemoose_

Whatever happened on the pitch, the event would always be special to Charlie and Barry, but the drama of the day took it to the next level.

Before kickoff, Manchester City sat at the table ahead of Liverpool and looked to win the Premier League. But after losing 2-0 to Villa, it looked like he would slip off the finish line.

But in a surprising scene, manager Pep Guardiola’s team sparked cheers at Etihad by scoring three goals in the fifth minute of the second half. Barry was on the pitch even after the full-time whistle blew.

Charlie said: “He was a Man City fan every day and it is an incredible memory that all day the result felt like a roller coaster.

“It was a real surprise to have him on the pitch. We shouldn’t have done that, but it was more special.

“It’s amazing to see the energy I get from playing football on the ground.

“It was a touching day. We have an amazing relationship, he is my true relationship with Manchester City and this is how I give something back to him.”

Charlie will remember that day forever.  Credit: CONTENTbible/@charliemoose_
Charlie will remember that day forever. Credit: CONTENTbible/@charliemoose_

“His condition has gotten worse in the last two years, but seeing him on the pitch and how he shines was incredible.

“It showed that you can have fun even if you have dementia. Even if there are parts that are difficult to understand, you are still the same person.

“These memories will be cherished forever.”

Charlie shared a video of their memorable day on Tik’s tock And it went by word of mouth and garnered over 4.3 million views.

“I’ve gotten messages from a lot of people saying they think of grandparents or fathers or wives,” Charlie said.

“He’s a real person and it’s fantastic that people really connect with him.

“If we can simultaneously raise awareness of dementia and related diseases and show that we can still enjoy it, that’s all.”


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