Lakers coaching search: Bucks assistant Charles Lee expected to interview about vacancies according to report

The Los Angeles Lakers have already interviewed a Milwaukee Bucks assistant. Darvin Ham was one of the first candidates to speak with Frank Vogel as he worked to fill the vacant head coach position previously occupied by him, and he requested permission to speak with Charles Lee, now another Bucks assistant. the athletic.

Lee’s path as a basketball coach is quite unique. He was Bucknell’s unscholarship player and was part of the 14th seed team that surprised Kansas at the 2005 NCAA Tournament. That didn’t lead to much in terms of his player career. He spent several years abroad, but then took the unusual step of working as a stock trader on Wall Street in Bank of America. He eventually returned to basketball first at his alma mater, Bucknell, then further prominently in the NBA under Mike Budenholzer.

The connection with Budenholzer here is quite remarkable. The Lakers have so far interviewed or asked permission to interview six candidates. mark jackson, Terry Stotts, Adrian Griffin, Kenny Atkinson, Ham and Lee. The last three, who make up half of the combined group, had a meaningful time under Budenholzer. Atkinson was his chief assistant with the Atlanta Hawks before acquiring Brooklyn Nets. Lee and Ham are now assistants to Budenholzer.

It could be a coincidence. Lee Myung-bak and Ham Yang have both served as managerial candidates in the past, and Atkinson has a proven track record, so it’s worth considering. But it could also suggest that the Lakers remain open to their forward playstyle and are looking for forward-looking coaches like Budenholzer for inspiration. The Budenholzer team has always put great emphasis on the movement and shooting of the ball. This is what Vogel lacked. The Budenholzer tree is already successful in its top career, and Taylor Jenkins has led Memphis Grizzlies to a second NBA record this season.

Atkinson never worked under Milwaukee’s Budenholzer, but both Lee and Ham obviously do. Bucks figured out how to maximize the generational big men at Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Lee and Ham could have an idea that could translate to Anthony Davis, who has struggled aggressively over the past two years while dealing with injuries. in a recent interview the athletic, he spoke of the direct style he adopted in his working relationship with Antetokounmpo. When asked what he learned from working with Giannis, Lee responded:

“To be honest. I don’t jump in. I went back and forth to understand the game, do my homework, watch the movie, and just found an opportunity to hit him for the honest thing. It’s not always like that. ‘Hey, you’re the best. No, he wants a coach, from Giannis to our 15th player, whether it’s Lindell Wigginton and Jevon Carter or Jordan Nwora, they just want you to be honest and honest with them. When I explain expectations, I think they respect them above all else.”

This is the attitude every coach should have working with the veteran Lakers. Ty Lue was known for being comfortable with LeBron James during their time together in Cleveland, and Lee seems willing to have tough conversations when needed. That trait is, above all, what the Lakers need for Vogel’s replacement.

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