Lala Kent Blames Balenciaga For ‘Terrible’ Children’s Ad Campaign

Lala Kent is outraged by Balenciaga’s recent children’s advertising campaign, which seems disturbing. One of the most popular brands, Balenciaga, recently debuted a new collection on social media. But Lala Kent seems to find something unpleasant about it. Post she called Balenciaga.

Read ahead to learn more about Lala Kent’s upset over sabotaging Balenciaga’s children’s advertising campaign.

Balenciaga’s latest children’s advertising campaign

As an old and famous fashion house, Balenciaga frequently adds new collections to the brand. To this end, they have come up with an advertising campaign as well. They recently did the same with an advertising campaign featuring two little girls with stuffed teddy bear bags. Photos are available on social media.

Balenciaga on Instagram posted a photo of the two girls carrying teddy bear bags. However, there seems to be a problem with the inclusion of children in Balenciaga’s new collection. In fact, it’s already in sight of Lala Kent and everyone else.

Lala Kent was outraged by Balenciaga’s children’s advertising campaign.

Balenciaga has put together a children’s advertising campaign to support its Spring/Summer 2023 collection. Advertising photos on Instagram caught Lala Kent’s attention. The ad featured two girls carrying plush bear bags with bondage gear on them.

Also, one of the set photos from the shoot looked like documents under a bag from a court on child pornography laws. Pointing out the same Lala Kent, “I’m sure I’ll be shadow ban…

Of the campaign, she said, “When you zoom in, it seems like you’re saying horrible words”. Additionally, she said to “reject the darkness” and “find the light” in the context of a disturbing advertising campaign.

Instagram/Lara Kent

Balenciaga’s reaction to Lala calling out an anxious children’s ad campaign

After Lala Kent spoke out against Balenciaga’s children’s advertising campaign. It looks like your brand has removed your ad campaign. He also made sure to apologize for this. She also stated that she “strongly condemns child abuse in any form.”

It also said it is taking action against the party behind this ad campaign with unauthorized items and sets. Kent responded with “Yo, @balenciaga-YOU ARE THE PARTY RESPONSIBLE”.

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