Lauren Bushnell applauds again for body criticism after ‘sick’ childbirth

Show off your love! Lauren Bushnell Blaming Body Shamer for comments about her postpartum body.

that much bachelor The 31-year-old graduate shared a DM on his Instagram story on Thursday, January 13, saying, “She looks so sickly, I can’t stand it.”

The former reality star wrote that she hates “attention” to hate messages, but “the reality is that I understand them. They exist. I don’t feel the need to defend myself, especially in an already precarious situation for someone else.” attacks, sometimes I want to defend myself, no matter how hard I try, I can’t gain weight The only time I’ve been in the last 10 years has been when I’m pregnant or taking oral contraceptives, otherwise my body goes what it wants. I’m pregnant I wanted to have the booty, but some people on the internet don’t like it and obviously don’t like it. [Chris Lane], but this message doesn’t want to hear it haha).”

Lauren Bushnell again applauds Body Shamers for criticizing the body after childbirth.
Courtesy of Lauren Bushnell/Instagram

A native of Oregon, he wrote: “The saddest thing for me is when I give my baby everything, including the body, after becoming a mother, I still seem to get messages from the baby criticizing it.”

The former flight attendant said he had recently had a blood test because he was “sure” he was ill.

“Everything is great, thank you,” Bushnell told followers. “Let’s not talk about the postpartum woman’s body, because there are a lot of things in a woman’s body and there are a lot of emotions that come with it.”

The former ABC personality gave birth to her and the now 7-month-old 37-year-old country singer’s son Dutton in June 2021. The stepmom wrote Thursday via Instagram Stories that she’s not against getting nanny help. The future.

Lauren Bushnell again applauds Body Shamers for criticizing Post-Baby Body 2.

Lauren Bushnell

Courtesy of Lauren Bushnell/Instagram

“[I’m] Obviously we tried to seek help, but in the end we couldn’t find the right person and we didn’t need it because our mother was coming downtown a lot,” Bushnell wrote, adding that she is currently struggling with separation from her baby. “I’m willing to let go a little bit more and definitely need more time.”

She wrote that her postpartum anxiety has “bettered a lot” since she continued taking “life-changing” Zoloft and started “cleaning” the house. “Dutton is sleeping better,” Bushnell added. “That means more sleep helps me.”

Lauren Bushnell again applauds Body Shamers for criticizing Post-Baby Body 3.

Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell

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Bachelor Nation member first shared her anxiety struggle in September 2021, then wrote via Instagram that her mental health struggle was “breaking through the roof”.

Lane said exclusively our week On Wednesday, January 12th, his wife revealed that she was a ‘super mom’ and said, “It’s great to see being a mom. She’s so good at it.”

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