‘Law and order’ is a key campaign issue in the Florida US Senate election as police-backed Marco Rubio confronts former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings.

  • Rubio faces re-election in November and has received support from three police groups.
  • He will likely face Democrat Val Demings.
  • She worked in law enforcement for 27 years and was Orlando’s first female police chief.

MIAMI — A pro-police message will dominate the US Senate primary in Florida as incumbent Republican Senator Marco Rubio prepares to face the Democratic nominee, who has been in law enforcement for nearly 30 years.

On Saturday, Rubio was approved by the Florida Police Charitable Society, a union representing more than 30,000 members. South Florida PBA president Stedman Stahl called Rubio “a true champion of law and order” at a press conference at the Trump National Doral on Saturday evening.

Authorization is at the heart of Rubio. In November, he will likely face Orlando’s first female police chief and Democratic Congressman Val Demings, who is married to a former sheriff. Two other law enforcement groups, the Florida Police Chiefs’ Association and 55 Florida Sheriffs, supported Rubio.

Pro-police messages have been effective against Republicans in past elections. As Democrats push for police reform and violence surges during the pandemic, Republicans found To throw all Democrats into supporting the unpopular cry of progressive rallies that are vulnerable to crime and call for “police funding.” Rubio criticized this position in a remark on Saturday.

“It was fashionable among some people to criticize and attack law enforcement and talk about the need to change them dramatically,” said Rubio, a Cuban-American who spoke first in English and then in Spanish.

However, the debate on this issue is likely to go differently in Florida than in other states. Her campaign of Demings embraced and even exaggerated her police experience during her race, calling her “Chief Demings” in her press releases and other campaign materials instead of “Female Demings Congressman”.

Christian Slater, spokesman for the Demings campaign, said he asked for answers to support Rubio’s support, which saw a 40% reduction in violent crime while Demings was chief of police.

“Unlike Marco Rubio, a lifelong politician, she has a real track record of fighting crime and making communities safer,” he said. “As Florida’s next senator, Chief Demings will always stand behind law enforcement to ensure that the public is safe and law enforcement officers have the resources they need to fight crime.”

Demings, who has served in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2017, was one of those responsible for the first impeachment trial of President Donald Trump in the then Senate. while she was in parliament introduced lawmaking Increase Federal subsidies for police departments.

She also voted for the Thin Blue Line Act, a bill that imposes the death penalty on those who murder law enforcement officers. bipartisan legislation She introduced that the punishment for those who harm the police will be tougher. It passed the House of Representatives, but was not considered in the Senate.

The most recent law on Rubio’s law enforcement is: bipartisan legislation Assisting police officers to buy a home. On Saturday, Rubio feared “we’re not doing enough” to support the police, saying this is leading to a “spirit of crime” and it will make it harder for people to get involved in the profession.

“It’s very difficult,” he said. “We have to respect and respect those who are willing to do it.”

The U.S. Senate’s position in support of police in the Florida primary is in the shadow of a nationwide assessment of systemic racism and police brutality.

Demings, a black man, spoke openly about racism in America, and wrote in 2020: Contributed to the Washington Post After Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd, she called for police accountability.

She supported the George Floyd definition of a policing law that requires federally-funded police departments to have body cameras and restricts the use of throats by federal officials. The bill passed the House of Representatives, but was rejected in the Senate amid widespread Republican opposition.

Nevertheless, the subject was an act of political balance for Demings. President Joe Biden initially considered her as her running mate candidate for her 2020 presidential election, but on several occasions. News story High Question About whether her background in law enforcement is viewed as a weakness among black voters. Biden eventually made the decision to the then-senator. Kamala Harris of California.

The range of support she will receive from black voters in Florida will begin in the August 23 primary election. At the start of the campaign for Democrat Senator Shevrin Jones in the Miami Gardens on Thursday, several attendees told Insider that they plan to back Demings and are watching her candidate closely. Miami Gardens is the largest black district in Florida.

“She will be the first black US senator to represent Florida,” Jones predicted.

Demings faces several Democrat opponents in the primary, but she’s expected to be the nominee as she’s raising a ton of them all. that much latest vote The race at the University of North Florida shows Rubio has a re-election advantage.

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