LeBron James shares his dream of owning an NBA team in Las Vegas.

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has said he wants to own an NBA team in Las Vegas.

Here’s everything you need to know.

LeBron James admits Las Vegas is his dream NBA team.

At a recent post-match press conference, LeBron James revealed his ambitions to set up an NBA franchise in Las Vegas.

During the interview, the reporter asked James about the energy of Sin City fans.

“It’s great,” he replied. It has the best fan base in the world and I would love to bring the team here someday. It’s amazing.’

Also, the outspoken Los Angeles Lakers forward spoke directly to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

He said, ‘I know that Adam is in Abu Dhabi. I trust the Bucks and Atlanta, but he’ll probably see every single interview and report card coming from NBA players. So I want a team with Adam here. thank you.’

James has already expressed interest in Las Vegas on the June 2022 YouTube talk show Uninterrupted: Shop.

The 37-year-old professional athlete said he wanted a team in Vegas.

“I want a team in Vegas,” he added.

It should be noted that James is currently under contract with the Lakers who will go through the 2022-23 season. However, he could become a free agent under contract with the Lakers.

Adam Silver has revealed his plans to expand the NBA.

Adam Silver, at his annual league status press conference, said adamantly that at this time there are no plans for team expansion in Seattle or Las Vegas.

‘We’re not discussing this right now,’ he said. As I said before, this league will invariably expand at some point, but it is not at this moment that we are discussing it.’

Moreover, Silver supported both Seattle and Las Vegas when journalists specifically asked about the two cities for the virtual expansion team.

‘It’s a great market,’ he said. We were in Seattle. sorry. It’s no longer there.

Silver continued, ‘We’re doing great with the WNBA team in our almost new building in Seattle. And with the summer league in July, Las Vegas is also a great sports market.’


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