Leo Burnett Chicago #1 Agency in ADC 101st Annual Awards Global Creative Ranking

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By receiving the award for “The Lost Class” on behalf of Change the Ref, Leo Burnett Chicago was placed in the highest agency position in the ADC 101st Annual Awards Global Creative Rankings.

No. 6 This work done with New York and Hungry Man Los Angeles has won Best of Show, Best of Disciplines in Advertising and Interactive, Members’ Choice Award and Designism Cube for entries that best promote positive social and political elements. . change. ‘Lost Class’ acquired 8 Gold Cubes, 7 Silver Coins, 6 Bronze Coins, and 7 Merit.

Google closed the year with ADC 101st Top Brand, winning In-House Best of Discipline for “Real Tone”.

Highlights of the ADC 101st Annual Awards Global Creative Rankings include (click on a category link for a complete list of each):

ADC 101 Global Agency Ranking

1. Leo Burnett Chicago

2. The New York Times Magazine New York

3. Alma DDB Miami

4. District 23 New York

5. Serviceplan Munich Germany

6. Wunderman Thompson Buenos Aires, Argentina

7. Collins New York

8. Mullenlow SSP3 Bogota

9. Whitransfer Amsterdam

10. Shanghai Version Design Group Shanghai

ADC 101st Global Brand Agency Ranking

1. Google Devices and Services Creative Team Mountain View

2. Spotify In-House New York

3. Google Brand Studios San Francisco

4. Tencent Inhouse Shenzhen

5. Yandex Magic Camp Moscow

ADC 101 Global Brand Ranking

1. Google

2. Pepsi

3. Degree

4. Apple

5. Papa Harley-Davidson

ADC 101 Global Nonprofit Client Ranking

1. Change the reference

2. Shelter

3. American Girl Scouts (tie)

3. Yokosuka City (tie)

5. Columbia Journalism Review

ADC 101 Global Manufacturing Company Ranking

1. The Hungry Man Los Angeles

2. Carbo Films Venice CA

3. Radoble Buenos Aires

4. Macarena Bogota

5. M SS NG P ECES New York

ADC 101st Global Music and Sound Companies Ranking

1. Beacon Street Venice CA

2. Ferra Santa Buenos Aires

3. Jamute Sao Paulo (tie)

3. JSM Music New York (tie)

5. 2WEI Music Hamburg

ADC 101 Global Network Ranking

1. Leo Burnett Worldwide

2. DDB Worldwide

3. FCB

4. R/GA

5. Dentsu

ADC 101st World’s Most Ranked Artwork

1. “The Lost Class” (see Leo Burnett Chicago, No. 6 New York and Hungry Man Los Angeles for Change for Change)

2. “Degree Inclusive” by Wunderman Thompson Argentina Buenos Aires for Unilever

3. “Tough Turban” by Zulu Alpha Kilo Toronto for Pfaff Harley-Davidson

4. Google Devices & Services Creative Team Mountain View itself “Real Tone”

5. Superunion’s “Fight for Home” with Who Wot Why and There Is Studio, all for shelter in London

ADC 101st Country Ranking

1. USA

2. China

3. Germany

4. UK

5. Canada

ADC 101st Regional Ranking

1. North America

2. Europe

3. Asia Pacific

4. Latin America

5. Middle East and Africa

The ADC 101st Regional Agency of the Year is as follows (click your region for a full list):

ADC 101st APAC Institution of the Year:

Shanghai Version Design Group Shanghai

ADC 101st European Agency of the Year:

Serviceplan Munich Germany

ADC 101st Latin American Agency of the Year:

Wunderman Thompson Buenos Aires Argentina

ADC 101 Middle East & Africa Agency of the Year:

Leo Burnett Riyadh

ADC 101st North American Agency of the Year:

Leo Burnett Chicago

Here is a list of agencies that worked with when the ADC 101st Global Creatives of the Year award winners were created (click the link in each category to see the full list):

ADC 101st CCO of the Year:

Alvar Sunol, alma mater Miami

ADC 101st Global ECD of the Year:

Sam Shepard, Leo Burnett Chicago

ADC101th Global GCD of the Year (Tie)

Chris Bernesby, Area 23 New York

Joe Capanear, Area 23 New York

ADC 101st Global Designer of the Year:

Mia Meredith, The New York Times Magazine New York

ADC 101st Global Art Director of the Year (tie):

Katie Dinardo, Leo Burnett Chicago

Sophia Gann, Leo Burnett Chicago

ADC 101st Global Copywriter of the Year (tie):

Kelly Barrett, Leo Burnett Chicago

Mackenzie Hart, Leo Burnett Chicago

ADC 101st Global Director of the Year:

Brian Buckley, The Hungry Man Los Angeles

ADC 101st Global Photographer of the Year:

Neil Dacosta Portland

ADC 101st Global Illustrator of the Year:

Sean Hannaway, Leo Burnett Chicago

ADC 101st Global Animator of the Year:

Igor Bastidas New York

ADC 101st Global Typographer of the Year:

Yves Steben, This Is Studio London

ADC 101st Global CMO of the Year:

Deborah Yeh, Sephora

Ranking uses the drop down menu: Agency, Independent Agency, Brand Side Agency, Network, Brand, Non-Profit Client, Production Company, Music and Sound Company, Top Ranked Jobs, Country, Region and Creative (Global and Region and Country). .

ADC 101st Annual Awards Global Creative Rankings Methodology

The ranking in each category is calculated by the company with the most overall points for the winning entries based on ADC cubes, achievements and special awards, and is assigned as follows: Black Cube for Gold Cube 15 points, Silver 7, Bronze 3, Merit 1, Fusion Cube 30, Designism Cube 45, Best of Discipline 45, Best of Show 90.

If the same entry wins multiple awards within a category, the highest score in that category will be counted as the “of the year” award.

Points will only be awarded to institutions listed as primary and secondary in an item. Points are split if multiple institutions are listed under Primary and Secondary.

The ADC 101st Annual Awards received a total of 10,565 entries from 54 countries, a 15.7% increase over last year. This year, agencies, studios, freelancers, brands, and production companies from 36 countries received 95 ADC Gold Cubes, 114 Silver Awards, 172 Bronze Awards, and 381 Achievements.

A full showcase of all ADC 101st Annual Awards Cube and Merit winners can be viewed here, and PDFs of all winners can be downloaded here.

The One Show 2022 Global Creative Ranking was announced yesterday, and The ONE Global Creative Ranking, which combines the results of The One Show 2022 and the ADC 101st Annual Awards, will be announced on May 25th.

One Club awards show that each has a different focus. The ADC Annual Awards maintain a long-term focus on champions of craft, design and innovation, while the One Show judges focus on the creativity of ideas and quality of execution.

Producer of One Show, ADC Annual Awards, Type Directors Club Communication Design and Typeface Design Awards, Young Guns, and Creative Week, One Club for Creativity is the world’s leading non-profit organization with a mission to support and celebrate global creativity. Community. One Show is the premier global awards ceremony for advertising, design and digital marketing with a focus on the creativity of ideas and the quality of execution. Founded in 1921, the Global ADC Annual Awards are the world’s longest-running creative awards in advertising and design honoring excellence in craft, design and innovation. Creative Week, held in May, is the premier festival celebrating the intersection of advertising and art.

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