Less than 7 Days to Best User Session: Mobility

Less than 7 days left. Best User Sessions: Mobility 2022The first face-to-face mobility event since 2019. The event is going on. May 18-19 May 20 with online analyst commentary in San Mateo, CA. This year’s must-see mobility event, save $200 on regular admission tickets through Monday, May 15th.

Here’s a quick reminder of what’s going on and why you don’t want to miss it. FOMO is a reality. Put aside the hype for TechCrunch editors to ask tough, thought-provoking questions during one-on-one interviews, panel discussions, and fireside chats, you can listen and learn from the leading founders, CEOs, VCs and policymakers of mobility.

You will gain a deeper understanding of trends and market impacts that can help you position your business for success. Here’s what serial entrepreneur Parug Demircioglu, CEO of Invemo and partner at Nito Bikes, has to say about his experience:

“We were planning to launch Nito Bikes in the US and the conference was a great opportunity to get a solid understanding of the micromobility space. Hear from industry experts, learn about current and future trends, and see the competition. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Do not skip small, topic-focused roundtable discussions. They allow you to dig deep into topics, connect with other founders, and expand your network. You can find the full schedule here.

What could be better than seeing great speakers on stage? How about checking out the latest and greatest of early-stage mobility startups? We are expecting more than 50 startups in the Expo Hall. This means a wealth of opportunities for up-to-date access to transport technology. Doesn’t everyone work and play? It’s not a chance.

So you’re inspired by what you’re seeing on stage and in the expo area and want to take the next step and find your next investor or co-founder, but you’re not sure what to do next. We deal with it. 2019 TC Sessions: Mobility Attendee Karin Maake, Senior Director of Communications at FlashParking:

“TC Sessions Mobility offers several great benefits. First, networking opportunities that lead to concrete partnerships. Second, it is an opportunity to learn about the latest trends and how mobility will evolve. Third, it is an opportunity for unknown startups to connect with other mobility companies and build brand awareness.”

Whether it’s on-site at an expo, intimate, topic-focused roundtable sessions with industry leaders, or AI-powered forums, networking opportunities abound. crunch match platform. It’s a smart, targeted and efficient way to meet the right people and maximize your time face-to-face and/or online.

You can’t visit in person, but want to enjoy all the great content and networking? This can be addressed by providing an online-only ticket. Enjoy the May 20 recorded content and meet fellow attendees on CrunchMatch.

TC Sessions: Mobility 2022 will take place May 18-19 in San Mateo, CA, with an online event on May 20. Save $200 by purchasing your pass before May 15th. Now, prepare to connect with influential people who can help move your business forward.

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