‘Let someone hit you’: Russian troops are now deliberately wounded to escape Putin’s war

Nearly 90 days after President Vladimir Putin conducted a “special military operation” in Ukraine, Russian forces began to lose their motivation and intentionally wounded as they desperately withdrew.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry’s main intelligence service announced on Saturday Audio of what it said was a wiretapping call We reveal new trends.

A man identified as a Russian soldier from an air strike brigade based in the Kherson region of Ukraine can be heard expressing frustration with his mother and explaining why he wants to give up fighting.

“Why do they [the Ukrainians] surrender? We are in their land.” The soldier says to his mother. “This is not going to end anytime soon. What the hell do you need this for? At 20… I have no interest in Ukraine at all. I have to come back and resign.”

Surprised, his mother asks why there are no Russian troops in Ukraine to continue fighting for “patriotism”, but Nikita, a soldier, only laughs.

“I had a commander… He shot me in the leg just to get out of here. And it was very early! Anything to say? He served in Chechnya.”

Shocked, his mother goes on to insist that someone “defend Russia” to prevent a Western attack, repeating the Kremlin lore that dominates Russian state news that Putin’s war has been launched to thwart an imminent NATO attack .

“They will kill us all. It will be World War 4 and Russia will be defeated!” she declares

“Well, Putin will probably change his mind… No people, no ammunition,” he said, adding that his commander had sent a letter to withdraw his brigade, but to no avail.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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He said his brigade had less than 50 percent left.

“Our nation is disappearing on its own. “Some of them have disappeared without a trace, some have been taken prisoner, some are hiding, some are already in Russia,” he said.

Phone chats weren’t the only indication that Russian forces were taking desperate steps to avoid war. in Similar recordings released by the Ukrainian intelligence service On Friday, a woman identified as the wife of a Russian soldier urged him to “get off the tank”.

“There is no way out,” she said. “Otherwise you’ll be there until September… they won’t trade you because everyone refuses.”

“Well, what kind of idiot would come here?” he says

His wife insists that “falling out of the tank” is only one option. “You don’t have to just shoot a gun in the leg. Who knows what the end will be? Or have someone hit you from the side,” she says, a kidney injury. “I don’t know! Because I can go straight home from the hospital.”

The known soldier appears to be taking the offer seriously, recalling how he and about 300 other troops took control of the village two days ago. He said a “battalion commander motherfucker” ordered all the soldiers to throw grenades underground. Local homes without checking who’s inside first.

“It’s a good thing they didn’t throw grenades, because when people went in there were four little kids sitting there.”


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