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stage name:
same as real name

real name:
Letika Srinivas

Letika Srinivas Age:

July 28, 48 22 hours 6 minutes 22 seconds.
17772 Total days.

Letika Srinivas Biography overview:

cultivated, actress, the screen name Letika SrinivasMy birthday is Thursday, October 25, 1973 born In ~ Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Letika Srinivas Age is 48 years 7 months 28 days (Realtime), nicknamed “Rethika”. took elementary school, high school, college and other educational courses in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Rethika Srinivas has worked primarily in the Tamil, Telugu and Hindi film industries, and her work is available in all three languages.

She is also known by her screen/stage name Rethika Srinivas. Actress Rethika is from India. A 48-year-old woman (25 October 1973) was born and raised in Chennai, India. from her family India and nationality is Indian. I have a strong belief in Hinduism.

Kasada Thapara, Sita Movie, Dev 2019, Tik Tik Tik, Mannar Vagaiyara, Aayirathil Iruvar, Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen, Rakshasudu, Massu Engira Masilamani, Janda Pai Kapiraju An important film from the actress, retica job. Wikinbio.com tried to cover up with photos of Rethika Srinivas’ family details, such as lifestyle, birthday, age, father, mother, siblings, boyfriend (if any) and husband.

residence Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India By currently pursuing her industrial career. I tried to cover Letika Srinivas Relationship status, list of past and future movies, body measurements, height, weight and physical personality. He has a net worth of between $100,000 and $500,000. At the time of posting this biography, she is 48 years old. See the Age section below for real-time age.


not yet updated

name Letika Srinivas
gender female
job actress
birthday – Thursday, October 25, 1973
hometown Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
nationality indian
date of death
cause of death
age of death
death timeline – Not applicable

Zodiac Sign of Rethika Srinivas’ Birthday, Place, Country, Age:

birthday – October 25, 1973
place of birth – Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Age of Letika Srinivas (Real) – 48 years 7 months 28 days
day of birth – thursday
date of birth – 1973
zodiac sign – not sure
ethnicity not yet updated
caste – Cast undisclosed
– Hinduism
mother tongue – English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu
known language – English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu

Rethika Srinivas’ husband, boyfriend, children, parents, personal life and more

Marital Status promised
current relationship status not yet updated
parents – Not yet updated (mother)

– I don’t know yet (Father)

Relative still know
husband Husband: Srinivas
number of children – Not yet updated
Children/Children – don’t know yet
wedding date not yet updated
wedding place – Not yet updated
type of marriage – What you still need to know

Family information with photos:

mother : not yet updated
father : What you still need to know


sibling: unknown
sisters: can not use

husband: srinivas
Children: not sure

Career and Education Details:

school – under study
university under study
Education – Electronics
current job – Actor
Active period (years) – unknown
working industry – cinema
Awards List – can not use

Facts, Favorites, Wealth, Net Worth, Cars & Bikes Collection:

Here in the Facts and Assets section you can get details such as the height, weight, and body measurements of the actress. Letika Srinivas‘s Finances, assets, net worth, cars, investments, salaries, other income, motorcycles and other interesting things about her.


  • Rethika Srinivas was born and raised in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • She is popular because she is an Indian actress.
  • Her friends and family called her Rethika.
  • One of India’s most educated actresses.
  • She is non-vegetarian and her religion is Hindu.
  • Kasada Thapara, Sita Movie, Dev 2019, Tik Tik Tik, Mannar Vagaiyara, Aayirathil Iruvar, Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen, Rakshasudu, Massu Engira Masilamani, Janda Pai Kapiraju are one of the few hit films of actress Rethika Srinivas.

physical Traits and Appearance:

body measurements 34 – 32 – 32 Bust: 34
Waist: 32
Ass: 32
face shape oval/circle
skin tone fair
key 5′ 4″
weight 58 kg (approx.)
form Medium/Gym/Slim
Shoe size USA (7-10.5)
hair style middle
eye color hazel
hair color brown/blonde

Financial Status:

Income / Occupation
Net Worth of Rethika Srinivas – $1 million – $5 million (approx.)
car collection – Hyundai Sonata
motorcycle collection – Harley Davidson Xg500
Housing/Real Estate/Flat Holdings – Not yet updated
Loan/mortgage – Details not yet known
Health and Life Insurance/Billing
– What you still need to know
family lawyer/lawyer – No such
family doctor/hospital – No such
Physician treatment so far – can not use
deal – doesn’t exist
stock market – not sure
Website hosting/hosting? no
Acting Degree/Class No details yet
Credit card? in a few banks
Have you been to a rehab center? not sure
donate so far not yet updated

Rethika Srinivas’ favorites:

hobby – painting, travel
favorite tea – Hyundai Sonata
Favorite bike/motorcycle – Harley Davidson Xg500
favorite actor – Not yet updated
favorite actress – Not yet updated
favorite tourist destination – Singapore and Sofia
favorite color dark olive green,
pastel magenta
Favorite software – No favorite software programs and apps ever
Favorite game/sport – Billiards
Favorite food/drink – Mexico,
south india
favorite outfit – Jeans T-shirts, shirts and pants


doesn’t exist

Contacts, addresses, social media hooks, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Letika Srinivas:

does she smoke? not sure
does she drink not sure
What is her net worth? Between 1 million and 5 million dollars (approximately)
How tall is Rethika Srinivas? 5′ 4″
What is her weight? 58 kg (approx.), approximately
What is her body measurement? (BHW) (approx.)
where does she live now? not sure
What is her nationality? indian
Where was Rethika Srinivas born? Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
What is she currently doing? don’t know yet
How many children does she have? I do not know
Rethika Srinivas, is she alive or dead?
Which country does she belong to? – India
Why did she become a celebrity? Rethika Srinivas is best known as an actress.

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