Liam Gallagher and Jamie Carragher have a hot Twitter brawl.

Liam Gallagher and Jamie Carragher have been embroiled in a heated debate on Twitter after Manchester City won the Premier League on the last day of the season.

Despite a 2-0 lead against Steven Gerrard’s Aston Villa, City scored three goals in six minutes to bring them back to victory.

A 3-2 win meant City had won their fourth Premier League title in five years and Liverpool’s hopes of quadrupling were put on hold.

Ten years after Sergio Aguero’s historic winning goal, City scored yet another stunning last-minute smash-and-grab.

The excitement was clearly heightened as fans flocked to the Etihad Stadium arena and social media arenas to celebrate. Legendary music artist Liam Gallagher was one of them.

The former Oasis frontman is an avid City fan and immediately caused a Twitter frenzy.

Credit: Twitter

One tweet wrote: “Not only can Gerrard be able to kiss my ass, but his old club fans can even smash our bus down to MCFC CHAMPIONS.”

Another said: “Get off the slippery Gerrard.”

But it didn’t take long before he turned his attention to another great Merseyside player.

“What did Kara say? [Jamie Carragher] you [bell] It’s over,” Gallagher tweeted.

However, Sky Sports guru Carragher was not happy to see his team missing the title, so they counterattacked immediately.

Carra replied: “You’ll never win the Champions League and Oasis is a bummer compared to the Beatles. That piece?”

Gallagher’s initial tweet got quite a few likes, but Carra’s quick response seemed to tickle everyone.

City super fan Gallagher, who probably celebrated late into the night, later served again.

“Eh Carra, you’re joking about the filthy bastard you’re hanging out with. [Gary] Neville is too long,” he tweeted.

“How many times did you play Knebworth on Oasis p**s on the Beatles?”

Overall, a bit of heated debate between the two legends about their own city seemed to get people talking.

Anyway, for the red fans, seeing Kara fluttering made me feel a little better.


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