Liam Payne apologizes after facing backlash over comments about Zayn Malik in Logan Paul’s podcast.

While appearing on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, Liam Payne apologized for remarks she made about former One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik.

During a recent show appearance, Payne discussed Malik’s previous issues, including a rivalry with Paul’s brother Jake Paul, and reported that Malik pushed Gigi Hadid’s mother during an argument last year. Payne’s remarks, “There are many reasons why I hate Zayn,” gave rise to tabloid titles, but went on to say, “There are many reasons why I always and always have to stand by Zayn’s side.”

Payne’s apology on Twitter on Thursday, June 2nd was basically the same thing. “They brought up certain events with Zayn, and I reacted to it. Though I think I may not have expressed myself as much as I could.” I’ve always been arguing between us, but I was always implying that I would support him. That’s what family is all about. Jane is my brother, and I will always support him.”

What did Liam Payne say in Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast?

When Paul mentioned the rivalry between him and Malik, Payne made sarcastic remarks about the singer. Payne tweeted that Malik’s ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid was accusing the Paul brothers of being offended by the singer while they were on vacation to Las Vegas in 2020.

Liam Payne, referring to the incident, said, “Find someone who respects you.” It did not hold up well over time.”

His remarks clearly hinted at the allegation that Malik had an affair with Hadid’s mother in 2021, while the singer referred to her as “f**ing dutch slT.” Payne went on to talk about the childhood and background of his former One Direction bandmate. He justified his statement by saying: “If only he went through what he did, how he grew up and everything else. .. My parents were supportive at times to the point of irritability. “In that sense, Jane’s growth was different.”

Liam Payne’s response caused a backlash among fans.

Fans of the band were divided on Payne’s tweet about Logan Paul’s Impulsive podcast. Some praised Payne for taking steps to clarify the matter, while others criticized him for referring to his former bandmate on a podcast.

Liam, one user said you don’t need to apologize for anything. They were all out of context.

Another user said you made a terrible joke about him. You can’t go back in time and pretend it didn’t happen.

Another netizen replied, “Liam apologized, what will you do now?” Seriously, if you don’t believe him, leave him alone. He no longer needs hatred.

Another outraged supporter said: “This tweet is unnecessary.” It seems that he is trying to atone for the tomb he built for himself. We are only reacting to your actions and words, but this is pointless unless you apologize to Zayn.

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