Lil Baby partyed with Travis Scott before canceling the Vancouver show.

Lil Baby is said to have been partying the night before Travis Scott performed in Vancouver.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Lil Baby caught clubbing before Vancouver no-show

TMZ Recently, Lil Baby suggested that she didn’t appear on the Vancouver show because of Wild Night.

Lil Baby, real name Dominique Armani Jones, was spotted visiting the Zuke nightclub in Las Vegas.

According to the images obtained, the 27-year-old rapper danced with Travis Scott, DJ Drama and Canella Alvarez.

The photo came after fans rioted at the PNE Amphitheater in British Columbia.

Nevertheless, TMZ said he was in the club until 3 a.m. on Sunday. They added that the Atlanta Native looked healthy and healthy during the party.

According to reports, Lil Baby’s security team tried to stop people from filming him. The celebrity, on the other hand, had a towel wrapped around his head while leaving a Las Vegas nightclub.

Fans rioted after Lil Baby canceled the Vancouver show.

Lil Baby was scheduled to perform the two-day Breakout Festival in Vancouver on Sunday, September 18th. But it ended in her confusion when Lil Baby announced she was leaving her own show at her last minute.

In the video, the audience can be heard booing loudly as the presentation is made. And sooner or later, crowds can be seen tearing tents, throwing trash cans, and raiding merchandise booths.

Additionally, PNE spokesperson Laura Ballance said in an interview: ‘Tonight … fans have turned disappointment into anger, causing significant damage to the PNE Amphitheater and parts of Hastings Park.’

A day later, on Monday, September 19, Lil Baby commented on the incident on her Instagram account. He began with an apology that soon turned into disappointment at the reaction of the audience.

In Minute’s singer said, ‘I’ll start with a sincere apology. [to] Vancouver, Canada, the Breakout Festival, and everyone in attendance.’

He continued, “I was finally caught because I worked so hard for the past few months without a break. My body is completely closed. I owe you a great debt, and I will certainly pay it back soon.’


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