Lil Nas X serves pizza to protesters outside a concert in Boston.

Over the weekend, as fans waited to enter the MGM Music Hall ahead of Lil Nas X’s tour stop, a group of religious protesters gathered across the street, with huge signs urging his supporters to ‘Repent and Believe’ . In true Lil Nas X fashion, he tweeted, turning his apparently regrettable moments into meaningless, positive ones.

Lil Nas X updated fans with a video of his team’s poster holding a microphone and handing a pizza to protesters, saying, ‘Thank you. The next video focused on another protester wearing a shirt with Christ’s Forgiveness Ministry written on it as Sufjan Stevens’ ‘Mystery of Love’ was played. Update, they didn’t need pizza, but Lil Nas X joked that I accidentally fell on my heels for one of the homophobic protesters.

The ‘Industry Baby’ rapper is currently on the ‘Long Live Montero’ tour, the first featuring date. On Tuesday he will play in New York City’s Radio City Music lobby before hitting Phil Adelphia, Washington DC, Altanta, Nashville, Orlando, Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Francisco. Lil Nas X will leave on an overseas tour starting on November 8 and finish her last tour in Europe, which is said to end on November 17 in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Lil Nas X sends pizza to homophobic protesters outside Boston concert

Lil Nas X responded by giving free pizzas to homophobic protesters. they didn’t admit it. The ‘Montero’ hitmaker was reportedly performing in Boston, Massachusetts as part of the Long Live Montero Tour, while conservative protesters gathered outside the MGM Music Hall in Fenway Park to fight the LGBTQ+ symbol. Before the show started, Lil Nas announced on his Twitter that he would be chewing pizza while his group sneered outside.

Advised our group to send pizza. This is a great promotion! Lil Nas wrote before updating that protesters won’t want free ‘za. Update, they didn’t want pizza, but I unintentionally fell in love with one of the homophobic protesters. Lil Nas then posted an exchange video recording the soundtrack for Mystery Of Love in Sufjan Stevens’ Call Me By Your Name movie.

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