Lil Scrappy gets an emotional state by talking to Momma Dee about the way she grew up.

VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta may be a scripted show, but the recent episode’s drama evoked some primitive emotions in Lil Scrappy. In the most recent episode of the hit reality TV show, which aired on Monday night, November 7, Lil Scrappy recalled her childhood as she worked to alleviate the ongoing tension between his mom and his mom, who warmly calls viewers Momma Dee. wife Bambi. ‘Damn the camera and all that,’ he said. I simply want to say this, you are my mom … This is my half. If you’re not with me, I’m nobody. i have no one

In fact, Lil Scrappy took the situation one step further and demanded that his mother correct her behavior towards her by showing her more respect and support. I have to quit. Lil Scrappy told Momma Dee. Because you know I need someone and no one has to support you much more. What drove viewers to the extreme was to enumerate how Lil Scrappy’s childhood trauma flowed into his relationship with his wife when he began to grow emotionally. He also revealed that he still carries the trauma of his childhood on his shoulders.

Lil Scrappy reveals VH1’s love and hip-hop Atlanta childhood trauma how his relationship with his wife was affected.

In a recent episode of VH1 Love & Hip Hop, Atlanta viewers discovered a deeper understanding of Lil Scrappy. We learn about Lil Scrappy’s early life as we ask Momma Dee and Bambi to get along. He stands up straight to his mother and asks a question. Does she understand why he treats his half in a certain way? He explained further, I saw your lifestyle. I experienced my childhood in a whore house. I grew up in a trap house, so all I know is… I love you because you restrained it and did what you had to do, but imagine… I can’t get into the room. Also, Lil Scrappy revealed that he actually still carries the weight of childhood on his shoulders today. How I grew up, I had to deal with that damn cousin. We had to deal with everything that happened. Lil Scrappy went on and on. I’m still trading [it] Because no one comes and asks for help. I found out as I got older.

Fans react to emotional clips of Lil Scrappy’s childhood trauma

Lil Scrappy recently left the fan following Kleenex and fellow Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast after a discussion between him and his mom. Lil Scrappy’s story of childhood trauma resonated with many through social media. One user wrote: For me, this was the best episode in the history of this show. We’ve never seen that side of Lil Scrappy. He constantly tried to be silent because that’s what his identity is. I’m glad he told him the truth. I think it helped mend him. Another user finally shared it. I hope Mona pays for her treatment after this collapse. They need healing. Especially Lil Scrappy. A third user saw the Lil Scrappy clip and cried when @crissles said her goal was to help create a black male therapist for men in need of someone. The man I was with today cannot tell anyone. Neither his mother nor his wife. He said it was on concrete.

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