Lisa Rinna “Real Housewives In Beverly Hills” Needs A “Break” After A Terrible Season

Lisa Rinna says the recent RHOBH season has been terrible and needs a break. Well, the popular show Real Housewives in Beverly Hills recently aired 12 seasons. Post when asked about the season by cast Lisa Rinna. She said something unexpected.

Lisa Rinna wants to relax at RHOBH.

Lisa Rinna in RHOBH Season 12

The popular show called Real Housewives in Beverly Hills is having a good season with viewers so far. It recently came with season 12. One of the show’s cast members asked about their possible hopes for a new season on RHOBH.

Well, certainly the interview was with Lisa Rinna and the answer she gave was shocking to many. She talked about her recent feelings about her RHOBH season 12. She went on to say what she thinks about running the show next season.

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Lisa Rinna wants a break from RHOBH.

Recently RHOBH star Lisa Rinna was on the red carpet at BravoCon. Where she told the host about the RHOBH show. “The season was tough,” she said. “This season has been brutal,” she added. It was terrible”.

But it wasn’t the last. Derek went on to ask Lisa about the next season. To which she said, “I don’t know. I need a break,” she said. From her statement, she doesn’t seem willing to spend another season, at least soon.

Lisa Rinna boos at BravoCon

As Lisa Rinna said at a recent BravoCon, season 12 of RHOBH wasn’t the only thing that was terrible. She told her that her event itself was not an easy task. Because she was booed by thousands of attendees there while she was on her stage.

Meanwhile, Lisa also grabbed her middle finger and felt like she wanted to accept the displeasure. She went on to sit down with the cast of her show. So it seems Lisa isn’t all that excited about joining the new season’s show to get her break.

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