Liverpool have spoken twice with Kylian Mbappe about a move to Anfield.

Kylian Mbappe’s decision to stay in Paris has upset many in Spain and has given Liverpool fans reason to get upset after learning that the forward was talking about a potential move.

After Antoine Griezmann’s infamous ‘The Decision’ there was no tension over whether the player would stay or leave the current club, but this time around, it was even more annoying.

However, it doesn’t seem like a direct match between Real’s old money and PSG’s new money, with Liverpool also joining the fight.

The former Monaco man said he had spoken to Jurgen Klopp, and this wasn’t the first time he had left the Duchy five years ago.

“Us [Mbappe and Liverpool] A little said, but not too much. We talked a little,” the striker said. telegraph.

“I spoke with Liverpool because Liverpool is my mom’s favorite club. Because she loves Liverpool. I don’t know why, but you’ll have to ask her!

“It’s a good club and we met them 5 years ago. I met them when I was in Monaco. It’s a big club.”

Perhaps Klopp had a brief chat with Mbappe in 2018. Image: PA Image

There have been several links in the past between Premier League runners-up and Mbappe, in part with both being Nike-backed.

After the European Super League’s devastating defeat last year, a group of Reds fans went so far as to argue that everything would be forgiven from the owners if they poured cash to sign the forward.

Klopp has also talked about the 23-year-old in the past, which would have cost him too much and will most likely be true if his contract expires in the summer before an extension with PSG is signed this week.

And Mbappe added that despite the talks, there was little chance of a move to Merseyside. “Of course it was between Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain in the end.”

Mbappe has extended his stay at the Parc des Princes until 2025.  Image: PA Images
Mbappe has extended his stay at the Parc des Princes until 2025. Image: PA Images

And the player confirmed at the time that he wanted to move to Los Blancos but did not want to leave France for free. “Everyone knows that I wanted to leave for Real Madrid last year and I think it was a good choice to leave last year. But now it is different because I was a free agent.

“I was a free agent and it was important to give back to my country. If I left, I would have left as a great player, but there is a sentimental part. I don’t think my chapter is closed. Everything is not over for me at PSG.”

This clearly suggests that he will not leave the French capital within three years of being able to leave for free, and will likely come before or after that if he signs another extension.

Perhaps Liverpool are in a position to sign him because his mother is a huge fan!


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